Apology to readers and thank you for sticking with me

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Rapid Travel Chai is part of Boarding Area, and Boarding Area’s servers have been down lately. A lot. Down more than up, it seems.

You, the reader, have endless choices for how to spend your time. I am honored by every second you spend on Rapid Travel Chai and it is deeply embarrassing to me that this is happening and that I am unable to do a thing about it. For those of you that have stuck through this and continue to visit, I say a hearty ‘THANK YOU’ for your patience.

The Boarding Area team is working to resolve these issues and to move to a new platform that will hopefully provide the stable ‘uptime’ that you deserve. What I know from them is they expect to see improvement this week.

I have a lot of site updates in the works that have been delayed due to the frequent downtime. I juggle family, friends, a full-time job, lots of travel, and this blog, my garden that ‘always needs tending,’ as a reader said. Lately, when I carve out some time to write, I am greeted by the same blank screen that has frustrated you.

When the servers are humming again, look forward to expanded coverage on some of my favorite topics and a renewed focus on content that will help you in actual travel, so you can use all those points earned from shuttling to Office Depot and Walmart. I believe, however old-fashioned, that there is room for a travel blog by a work and leisure traveler among the miles and points blogs. I have a backlog of trips to share: Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Universal Studios Orlando and more, that will hopefully inspire your own travels. My goal is to repay you for your wasted time with content that benefits you.

My sincere apology and my thanks,


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9 years ago

I had thought it was my modem acting up again. I guess the last two days of yelling was misdirected.

Thanks for the update.

Jimmy @TravelByPoints
9 years ago

No apology needed. It was not your fault! Looking forward to all the new posts.

9 years ago

Thanks for the update. I don’t know how you do all that you do, but I’m thankful for the blog. Keep up the excellent work.

Paddy in BA aka Quickroute

noticed the downtime but still 2 thumbs up for you

Million Mile Secrets
9 years ago

A little downtime won’t keep us away from your fine blog!

9 years ago

Keep it up … still shows up in my RSS feed! I enjoy your posts!