AA’s inaugural MIA-ASU (Asunción, Paraguay) flight party

Thursday night connecting in Miami for my flight to Salvador, Brazil, I was reminded that the party never stops in Miami.

The train in Terminal D for American Airlines is such a distance, up two sets of escalators, that when only traveling one stop I just hoof it instead. Good thing, because I happened on the party for the inaugural AA 217 Miami-Asunción, Paraguay.

Paraguay is poorly served by flights, the recent demise of Pluna exacerbating the problem. I traveled there in May, had a fantastic experience going overland from Asunción to Iguazú Falls via the Mission Country of the south. There is much potential for the adventurous traveler that is flexible on infrastructure but curious about unmapped nature, Catholic missions in the south, or the German Mennonite communities of the even less-visited north. Those missions in the south may be better reached from Argentina or Brazil, but this convenient flight from North America to the capital makes the country much more accessible.

Give it a try, brush up on your Spanish and German, and don’t see another tourist for days, maybe weeks. And as an added incentive, The Flight Deal has recently been finding good fares on that route!

Back to the party, it was great to see AA bring fun to the proceedings. Here are some snapshots:

AA MIA-ASU Inagural Flight 001

AA MIA-ASU Inagural Flight 002

AA MIA-ASU Inagural Flight 003

AA MIA-ASU Inagural Flight 006

AA MIA-ASU Inagural Flight 007

AA MIA-ASU Inagural Flight 009

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Connecting at MIA is always an adventure. What other airport has offered you the opportunity to party with Mennonites?


Wooooo Paraguay, my country of research in 5th grade