$1,681.16/night in Lyon, France? KLM is targeting the wrong guy (and getting a hefty affiliate commission!)

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Yesterday I had to book a very pricey trip to Lyon, France on KLM for a late January client meeting. I went to KLM’s website for seat selection and they offered me a hotel for the low low price of $1,681.16/night. The Kyriad Prestige Lyon Est. Must be pretty darn special! So I took a look at the hotel’s website for my day of arrival and their rate is €250 ($330). KLM must be getting quite the affiliate commission!

KLM Lyon

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Rapid Travel Chai
9 years ago

@DaninSTL – I went back in, now it is up to 1,967.91, I clicked to book and it stays on KLM but have a booking.com frame and it turns out the price is the total for a stay of the 4 nights of my trip, still quite expensive but in the ballpark.

9 years ago

Sometimes the decimal point errors the wrong direction, lets hope KLM makes am error the other way on some flights. It. Has to be an error unless it includes airfare. Did you try to book it?