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View from the KLM Lounge: Why Do So Many Passengers Need Help?

I find myself again perched for a few hours in the KLM Crown Lounge in Amsterdam Airport (non-Schengen gates). In years of passing through I have marveled at how the service line is endlessly overwhelmed, so much so that they have instituted various ticketing systems over time. Yes, the agents are slow and cannot be…

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Avis Home Currency Conversion Scam Gets Aggressive in Europe

Avis and Budget have a sleazy practice of automatically opting customers in to charging foreign rentals in their home currency, plus a 3% conversion fee. This practice started around late 2012, with all cards in existing profiles defaulted to this without notice. Unchecking the box and updating the card did not correct existing reservations, but…

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Does Air Canada Have the Better Business Class Lounge in Frankfurt?

I always hear about Lufthansa’s First Class flight experience and First Class Lounge in Frankfurt. What about business class? Well, the ‘new’ business class seat would make road warriors circa 2004 pretty happy. How about the lounges? Of course if you have a few hours you should bop into Frankfurt or other nearby cities. You’ll…

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Enterprise Plus Adds UK/EU Rental Awards

Enterprise Plus is not a particularly rewarding program, yet with many neighborhood locations in the US, there are many frequent renters. Enterprise rentals can be credited to National Emerald Club (US and Canada rentals only) or Enterprise Plus. Many business travelers prefer crediting to National. As of last month, it is also possible to earn…

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#AirFranceExpo in NYC – Macaroons and Protestors

I approached 22nd St & 11th Ave in Manhattan thinking I would soon fall off the edge of the island. The glimpse of protestors ringed around burly bouncers in dark suits signaled the location of the Air France Expo, running through June 28 in New York City, see event details here. The protestors were focused…

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