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Charles Schwab Debit Card Now Chip+Signature and $100 Sign-Up Bonus

The Charles Schwab debit card available through its High Yield Investor Checking account is a must-have for US-based international travelers. Frequent Flyer University found a $100 sign-up bonus for $10,000 account minimum (including investment accounts) and succintly lists the great benefits, “NO FEES, NO MINIMUMS, NO DIRECT DEPOSIT REQUIREMENTS, FREE CHECKS, FREE ATMS WORLDWIDE, NO…

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Discover Card in China – Duel at the Cash Register

“Come on, swipe it. Please, give it a try…” Discover Card partner’s with China’s UnionPay, and their respective cards enjoy reciprocal acceptance. In China that means anyone who accepts cards can theoretically accept Discover, whereas typical foreign-issued cards are only accepted at a handful of merchants due to the hassle of additional POS machines and…

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Is Discover the best credit card for China?

Discover and China’s UnionPay have reciprocal deals to allow their cardholders access to the other’s payment network. I had forgotten about this until reminded by a Businessweek article on state-bank backed UnionPay, with its strangle-hold on China, has the #2 place in global credit- and debit-card transaction volume at 23.8%, trailing only Visa. In China,…

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Travel Tax Week: if FBAR is not enough, here comes FATCA

Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR) has long been a hassle for US persons with foreign bank accounts in excess of US$10,000. New for tax year 2011 is Statement of Specified Foreign Financial Assets (FATCA). Where FBAR is primarily anti-crime, FATCA is all about tax revenue. Duplication? Of course. FATCA is also known…

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Travel Tax Week: US Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR)

US tax day arrives this week, yet that is the start of the fun for American world travelers and expatriates. A reader wrote: FBAR: blog about FBAR. What is FBAR? Why is there FBAR?  How does it affect expats? What do expats need to do? Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR) is an…

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Real chip and pin for Americans from Andrews Federal Credit Union

Diners Club under BMO is rolling out chip and pin cards but is not open to new applicants. Some US card issuers are disingenuously issuing chip and signature cards in a lamentable application of American exceptionalism. Andrews Federal Credit Union to the rescue. Who? FlyerTalk has a superb thread curated by kebosabi with a Google…

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