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Chai Digest: Crap Apps, Chinese Delivery by Plane, NYC Subway Grows by a Station, and more

Dateline: Stove, Vermont. News: Escape from Boko Haram (Smithsonian). Why salad is so overrated (The Washington Post). How to Start Liking Facebook Again: Fixes for the Biggest Complaints (WSJ). Scientists tested 30 Apple iPhone fitness apps for the quality of their workouts. Guess how many passed? (The Washington Post). Travel: Museums, Crack Down on Your…

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Chai Digest: Style, Scallops and more

Dateline: Jersey City, NJ. News: Men’s Fashion: How to Keep Cool in the Summer (WSJ). 10 Suit Jacket Style Details Men Should Know (Real Men Real Style). Kiev’s hipster revolution (Politico). ‘Diving for Scallops’(NYT). The Neoliberal Arts(Harper’s). Gangs of Karachi (Harper’s). Time to Reassess Sinai Peacekeeping Force(NYT). Ruins, casinos and abandoned construction mark Cyprus (Washington…

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Chai Digest: Podcasts on Pluto, Ian Schrager, Historic Epics and more

Dateline: Auburn, Maine. Summer lobster shuttle. The Residence Inn in Auburn is an hour from the nearest coastal lobster shacks, local Mac’s Downeast Seafood is the choice nearby. It is a category 4 for those Marriott credit card certs. Summer accommodation options in Maine all involve trade-offs. The World Next Week from the Council on…

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Chai Digest: Dysfuntional Airline Board, Bonaire Boost and more

Dateline: Stowe Mountain Resort, Vermont. News: Has the U.S. Just Sold Out the Kurds? (Foreign Policy). The Kurds have earned their own state and need international support. The Mystery of ISIS by Anonymous (The New York Review of Books) and The West likes to think that ‘civilisation’ will defeat Isis, but history suggests otherwise (The…

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Chai Digest: Do No Harm, Have Diplomatic Relations, and more

Filing from Charleston, S.C. News: The State of the Kurds and Arabs Fleeing Islamic State Upset Kurdistan’s Ethnic Balance (WSJ). A visit to Iraqi Kurdistan leaves anyone in awe at their recent achievements to develop a functioning, economically growing society. Building a Winning Political Team (WSJ). Lessons from several presidents. Chinese firm releases Wi-fi router…

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