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Chai Digest: Podcast Special and Love Your Wife Day

On the road, catching up on podcasts: Love Your Wife Day (BBC Documentaries) Maskirovka: Deception Russian-Style (BBC Analysis) Cabin Fever (BBC In Business) Having Children – Will Self (BBC A Point of View) The Table Comes First in France – Adam Gopnik (Travel With Rick Steves) Globetrotting with Kids (Travel With Rick Steves) Understanding Indonesia…

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Chai Digest: World Unraveling and the Most Disappointing Fruit

The FT this week has great pieces of the world unraveling: End of the Ottoman empire on how WWI tore apart the empire and the region. ‘Army and Nation’, by Steven Wilkinson, on how India has avoided military coups. Nigeria unravelled on the $2bn textile smuggling industry that has destroyed the domestic textile industry and…

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Chai Digest: Hangzhou Wives and Cruise Ship Pizza

News: Those of us with spouses who are native Wu speakers blush in familiarity at Shirtless Hangzhou man begs for wife’s forgiveness after failing to hand over wages (Shanghaiist). Disturbing tests of the contents of supplements, I want to see tests of Costco’s lineup, What’s in Those Supplements? (NYT). Robert Fisk is an incisive commentator…

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