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US Bank Gold Checking is Free if You Have Their Credit Card, Will it Help for Credit Card Approvals?

US Bank is difficult and unpredictable for credit card approvals. Freezing IDA/ARS credit reports has helped some. Over time I got both the personal and business Club Carlson cards when they launched and then last Winter Olympics got both personal and business FlexPerks Travel Rewards. A few months later tried for Avianca and was denied.…

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How to Maximize US Bank FlexPerks with Massive Multi-City Flights

It ain’t easy, but it’s possible. US Bank FlexPerks flight rewards challenge the traveler to maximize value because flights are priced in price bands. Any ticket under US$400 costs 20,000 points and then each subsequent $200 adds 10,000 points. This is per person, each passenger is priced as a separate award. FrequentMiler noted in Maximizing…

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