SFO to NAN, Nissans on the Lot, ‘One-Man Assault’ on Peleliu

On my mind: happy hours in Seattle start at 4 or 5 pm, sometimes even 3 pm. I’ll turn up tonight for Reach for the Miles at 5:30 and I’ll be more than fashionably late. Feels like I am going to a pinochle club.





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  • Russell

    Thank you for calling attention to the Capt. Jackson story. He distinguished himself in two of the most horrific battles of WWll. Life is not fair. He deserved better.

  • Russell, welll said.

    For those further interested in the Battle of Peleliu, the memoir With the Old Breed and the sections drawn from it for the HBO miniseries The Pacific are a good starting point. Peleliu is a must day trip from Palau.