Maddening AA Partner Awards, Fairfield Inn in Nepal, Women in the Infantry

On my mind: head in the sand and water rising.





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  • Winston

    That student was simply pathetic and a laughter. Most chinese despise and condemn her not because they are “so afraid of” the truth of pollution being brought up, but because the woman was such a hypocrite that she deliberately exaggerated and then twisted the truth in order to reinforce and cater to the typical western bias and bigotry. Com’on Stefan, I thought you have a better understanding of China given that you’d lived there and have a Chinese wife. Have you not been to Kunming Yunnan (where that woman had lived all her life before coming to the US)? Although the air in Kunming may not be comparable to the one in Hawaii, do you really think that people would need to wear 5 masks a day to not get sick? Of course the Western liberal media defended her right to freedom of speech no matter what (as long as it’s politically correct). However, most chinese believe in actions with consequences.

  • I don’t post links because I agree with them, I post them because they are of note, of intellectual interest, or of practical use. If I had unlimited time I would write in context to each. Failing that I present them uncommented for readers to explore on their own. This opinion piece is where I learned of this matter, I confess I have not been paying deep attention to Chinese news lately, so I linked to it. I have not yet had a chance to listen to the speech, though from the summary I did expect a number of reactions to her such as yours.

  • Shannon

    Fresh air
    is a state of mind. If you can’t link the website you wish to go, sweet and fresh air in Beijing can be as
    terrible as Beijing.

  • DaleM

    … not to pick nits, but the times article on women in infantry has nothing to do with the 1st ID ( your headline of “Women in the Big Red One” )

  • A nit very much worthy to pick. I have corrected it. How the mind plays tricks, I kept reading infantry 1st and my mind said 1st infantry. Some pieces I feature are ones I am marking for later reading myself so have not yet gone through them in detail.