Morning Chai: $1,000 Goose Parkas in NY, Dulles Turkish Lounge Access for Many, and Men, Stop Wearing These

On my mind: these Canada Goose parkas are everywhere in NY. My jaw dropped when my wife said they go for as much as $1,000! They look like any other $50 warehouse club parka. She said it is the perfect formula for Asian customers: “it is expensive and has a big, recognizable logo.” Not just Asian customers, though, with this snow storm I saw people of all of NY’s melting pot sporting these logos, even a few not in dull, matte black. They were in other dull, matte neutral tones.





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  • changeyouraltitude

    I have one and they are so warm. Life changing!

  • Jennie

    I am laughing since I have been saying that to friends all week….When I am out walking in NYC there are more people with Canada Goose Down coats than are talking on cell phones.

  • Shannon

    They are wearing $10 version on Taobao

  • John

    I found parajumpers ( used in the arctic) an awesome winter coat with down lining that zips out which is great. This coat is so warm you get hot wearing the jacket. Usually goes for 1000+ but you can find it online for $400..
    However, mostly all you see in NYC are Canadian Goose jackets…