Delta Digital Drink Coupons Giveaway, Expiring 2/6/17

I was nosing around my Delta account and saw that I have some digital drink coupons and that they expire soon.

If you’ve got a Delta trip by 2/6/17 and want a refresher, enter here.

Since the coupons are digital, I can email the PDF as soon as the draw concludes midday Friday 1/27/17 and the potential winners confirm.
Delta Digital Drink Coupons Giveaway

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  • Mason

    flying 2/3 returning 2/5 on delta. could use the drinks!

  • Yao

    I could also use the drinks!

  • Jonathon

    Flying 2/2 and returning 2/6…could use the drinks!

  • Oliver Graff

    Got a red eye in the main cabin this weekend

  • Jerm

    would love to take advantage on a quick trip 2/2