United Drink Coupons Giveaway

I have a stack of United drink coupons to give away to imbibing travelers.

These expire 1/31/17. I hear you often can use them after expiration (no guarantee).

I am giving away the 10 coupons in 5 pair. Why drink alone when a plane full of people is happy to share a drink?

Wish me luck on my GPUs clearing for my upcoming Europe trips! This may be the last time I am 1K and I have never successfully used a GPU. Amazingly, the recent $400 to Europe-fares were GPU-eligible.

Enter here:

United Drink Coupons Giveaway

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  • MarkP

    Best of luck on your GPU’s clearing, and hopefully I win those vouchers!

  • Terri

    I have never had a GPU clear either, good luck!

  • Larry D

    Good luck on the gpu clearing. Flying on united later this month from RNO -PHL. Would luv the drink coupons.

  • Kevin Wong

    This will make United Express tolerable.

  • Brenton

    Good luck on clearing. My parents are flying OMA-DEN-HNL on the 29th, and could benefit from these on the flight down…

  • Kerry S.

    I have a United trip coming up soon, this would make it better. Cheers.

  • Jeff C

    I and a few friends have a few united trips coming up.

  • Amol

    I’ve been flying UA too much … But not enough for status.

  • Kevin W.

    Good Luck

  • Brian K

    Good luck and thanks

  • Lara P

    Good luck! I have a cross country United trip coming up and these would be great!

  • drtdk

    Thank you for the generous offer.

  • r Hirsch

    i have a flight IAD to ATL and would love the passes! thanks!

  • Aarash

    I’ve got a flight I could use them on!

  • NancyD

    Good luck on your GPUs clearing! Fingers crossed!

  • KatyMax

    Sounds great, good luck with the upgrades!

  • Neds

    Good Luck. i could use them on an upcoming flight to LAX Happy New Year

  • GetToThePoints

    Have a UA flight today, to bad I won’t have have them for this flight

  • thealexofevil

    I could use them in the summer on the one United flight I’m taking. Thanks.

  • Pam

    Headed to Mexico with my dad. I’m sure we would enjoy them.

  • Eric

    Taking the kids on a upcoming 3+ hour RJ trip – if that doesn’t call for a drink I don’t know what does.

  • TRC

    My only United flight coming up is a morning flight…but I see no problem with a free one in the morning.

  • r Hirsch

    oh man! this would be the treat of all treats on my flight cross country on jan 19!!

  • Mari

    I would like to use these tickets for my next trip to florida!