2 Weeks Free Roaming Wifi in Japan When Flying JAL

Reader Chun shares a cool benefit of flying JAL to Japan: foreign visitors get 2 weeks of free roaming wifi in Japan!

JAL Free Wifi Japan

Even better, it looks like any ticket on JAL is eligible, not just paid tickets or tickets book directly from JAL. I am not sure if domestic tickets are eligible, readers please chime in if you know.

There are two service provides and you can sign up for both:

  • NTT East (Eastern Japan)
  • Wi2 (nationwide, requires TRAVEL JAPAN Wi-Fi app)

JAL Free Wifi Providers

Chun writes: “works pretty well, even indoors!”

The registration page has detailed instructions (it is Japan, after all!). Do this prior to your travel to Japan.

This is not for in-flight wifi.

Note: residents of Japan are excluded.

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