My Counting Countries Interview, Talking the Travel I Love Most

My interview on Counting Countries is live. This is a fantastic new podcast from Ric Gazarian. I have enjoyed every episode of its fascinating, diverse travelers. I feel like an ordinary guy among them. Have a listen!

Those on the pursuit to see the world, the whole world, will find a fun community in our facebook group Every Passport Stamp.

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  • Shannon

    I absolutely love this eposdie! I didn’t fall asleep and really enjoy thus piece 😉
    My take is your traveling sounds much much more interesting on this podcast than your blog. Wait, that prorblay because you didn’t write about so many stories you said. What a beautiful story that you met someone in Africa who used to live in Minnesota. You should write about it. A little creepy at the end that you ran into Harry whoever it is in Istanbul. Did you stalk him? Who is Harry? There are too much background information that I am confused.
    I am really interested in Tunisia since you mentioned it is your favorite county in the world. Can you write an article about it? What itinerary would you suggest? Is it safe to travel ? Is it easier to travel while in Spain or in southern Europe?
    You mentioned ” fixer” several times. What exactly does that mean?
    Finally, would be nice to turn off your cell phones. There were serveal “ding” text sound during the show which is disturbing.
    I am a little surprised ” Iwo Jima” is the peak of your travel career. I thought you would say North Korea.

  • @Shannon – from you, I can take the needling! It is lot easier to chat the stories than blog them, still, I am reducing travel for the enemy few months to get more stories out.

    A “fixer” is a local in a country that specializes in working with people like journalists that seek access to difficult places, for some of the more challenging places I have been connected with those types to make things happen.

    The ding was not there on my end during recording. I hear there were some issues with the date feeds corrupting, we had to start and stop several times, so the editor had to splice things together, so that many be it.

  • @Shannon – Harry Mitsidis is founder of, I knee him online and hoped to meet him in person, and it turned out he was right by the Austrian cakes.

  • DaveS

    Fascinating discussion, with some very helpful concrete tips. Thanks for calling attention to the podcast. I’ll be checking out the archives as well.

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