Morning Chai: US Military Helicopters Killing Their Own, Wooden Skyscrapers, Club Calrson US Free Night Cert Use and More

On my mind: Tabriz Hotel Nakhchivan’s window exterior is a light show of geometric shapes and patriotic themes.





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  • ken

    Great compilation of articles. Thanks for sharing.

  • DaveS

    On the travel hacking article, there are indeed some useful things there about analyzing costs with regard to travel hacking, but when he says “you might be coming out ahead personally, but only if you would have taken the trip without points and miles in the first place”, he loses me.

    My goal in travel hacking is precisely to go places in other parts of the world that I would find it difficult to visit otherwise. I’m headed to Hong Kong, Myanmar and Nepal next month on points. Sure, if you compare it to staying home I’ll spend more. If you compare it to going to Disney World for a few days, I’ll spend less.

    But my real goal is not to economize on trips I’d make anyway – say, find a cheaper way to get to Ohio for Christmas (though if a Southwest credit card signup does that for me, I’ll take it, of course) – it’s to see the world.

  • @DaveS – hear hear (from Nakhchivan, Azerbaijan)