National Museum of African American History Now Open

The National Museum of African American History has opened today.


President Obama spoke at the ceremony, NPR reports:

This museum, Obama says, provides “context for the debates of our time.” He says it’s also a “place to understand how protest and love of country don’t merely coexist but inform each other”: “How men can proudly win the Gold for their country but still insist on raising a black-gloved fist. How we can wear an ‘I can’t breathe’ t-shirt but still grieve for fallen police officers. Here’s the American where the razor-sharp uniform of the Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff, belongs alongside the cape of the godfather of soul.”

Indeed a presidency some optimistically thought to welcome a ‘post-racial America,’ has been the catalyst for much of the opposite to surface.

I will be in Washington in November and am looking forward to a visit. Here are advance reviews from the Washington Post and the New York Times.

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  • AlohaDaveKennedy

    Indeed, this president has probably done more to create a house divided than the issue of slavery ever did. I often wonder if America would have been better off with Shirley Chisholm, as the first black president. She was ahead of her time, well respected, pragmatic, and much more ethical than other folk who sought or served in the presidency.

  • DavidB

    Hope you booked your timed ticket. No walk ups. And everything’s booked until December and even then very few times available. You’ll need to plan four to five months out to find entry slots.

  • DaninMCI

    I agree that Obama has been very a very divisive leader. He seems to have set race relations back 30 to 40 years. I don’t think he should have spoken at the event.

  • @DavidB – I have not. Looks like I will miss out this round. Glad there is such interest.

  • @DaninMCI, @AlohaDaveKennedy – I kept the post open-ended, however I personally argue the opposite. I think he has done admirably in an incredibly difficult role where every word and action is jumped on by supporters and opponents. Few could have persevered in this spotlight with such grace. A black man in the White House has a brought of a lot of nastiness out of the shadows. The rise in technology that has allowed video of police, both by police cameras and citizens, is coincidental to his presidency but his existence has been an encouragement to many to fan the flames. These past years have been a sad display by many, including a major political party that has given up any pretense of governing or benefiting anything other than its own electoral success. We as a citizenry are falling far short of the ideals that birthed our nation.