Delta Drink Coupons Giveaway

I am Minneapolis-bound and in a Delta mood.

I have 4 Delta drink coupons passes expiring 12/31/16 that I am giving away in two pair.

Share something travel-related in a comment to this post.

Deadline for entry is Sunday, September 18 at 23:59 PM EDT. One entry person. Comment email field must contain valid email address for potential winners to receive notification. A potential winner will be selected at random and notified on Monday, September 19. The potential winner must respond to accept by Friday, September 23  at 23:59. Available to US entrants/addresses only.


Draw goes to GetToThePoints and Tavelstar:

Delta Drink Coupons 19Sep2016Delta Drink Coupons 19Sep2016b

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  • Winson Wan
    Im flying out sept 22 on delta.. this would be so clutch!

  • Bernard Binder

    Love your site! Could definitely use these coupons, as I am about to do a series of trips on Delta, MSP-SFO.

  • Brenton

    When traveling, I like free drinks. Please and thank you.

  • Chris

    Heading for Ryder Cup in Minnesota via Delta week after next. Hoping for a better USA result than when I walked the course at Gleneagles in Scotland two years ago.

  • GetToThePoints

    When drinking on a plane PLEASE relize your limit. Obnoxiousness is bad enough let alone in close quarters. Your seatmates are not amused with your idiocy.

  • Gerry Paradine


    Big fan of the blog. This would be of great use to me as I am going with my dad to see a Pirates game next weekend in Pittsburgh. We’ve started a Father’s Day tradition of going to a different baseball park each year. This is a few months later from June but it’s the time that worked for both of us. We would be taking the same flight and a celebratory drink aboard would be great.

    Keep up the great work!


  • Chris Bastian

    I can use them: I have Delta flights booked to Houston (Islamic Art exhibit), Cleveland (working the end of the election), Chicago (annual conference) and Seattle (family Christmas)

  • LL

    Flying to Barcelona on Delta in November. Thanks!

  • Josh

    This would be perfect for my upcoming trip on a Delta flight!

  • Paul

    I was in International Falls for a meeting, so I’m spending the time before my flight home in a lovely park in Port Frances, Ontario

  • Steve

    Hi Flying 10-26-16 from MSP to MCO via LGA; so I am may need those vouchers to deal with going through LGA. Thanks!

  • P T

    Don’t fly Delta anymore, but my sister and step-daughter do constantly for work. I would be a very popular sister/step-mother if I provided either of them with drink coupons. Thanks Stefan.

  • corinne g thompson

    Flying out of MSP…..brr on Oct.22.

  • patrick thompson

    Happy wife( cheers), happy life.

  • J.

    Thanks for the giveaway. Delta trip in December.

  • David

    I have a flight to see my in-laws in Florida in Kate October. Drinks coupons would sure help

  • CycloneHog

    Traveling to XNA to watch my Razorbacks play in Nov. Would love to enjoy drinks along the way.

  • Beechy

    Headed to Cancun with the kiddos. Unfortunately we have an overnight layover in Miami. Those drinks could help one of us sleep

  • Tavelstar

    I’ve got 4 or 5 more Delta flights this year with little chance of an upgrade so a drink would ease the pain of main cabin 😉

  • Beechy

    Oops meant Atlanta return is through Miami

  • Beechy

    Oops meant Atlanta return is through Miami

  • Kristen Thoburn

    Love the HOOU coupons. Makes my rare coach expeditions far more palatable.

  • free standby is almost always available if you are past security and don’t have checked luggage. just be cool and ask.

  • Fsuj25

    I flew an MD 88 this week and sat near the back. The view of the engine from my window and the much louder hum of the engine reminded me of my first few flights as a kid. I loved the look of those planes and the old McDonnell Douglas planes with the engine on the tail. I couldn’t remember, however, if I flew Delta or USAir first. A couple of drinks in my upcoming flights may help to dig deeper into my past!

    Ps. If I don’t win my vote is for Gerry. The trip to the baseball game with his father sounds like a great memory in the making

  • David L

    After sitting on 100,000 DL from two Amex sign-up bonuses, I was shocked to finally find them useful! 30,000 +$25 for one way ORD-BCN, and roundtrip for my mom SFO-CVG to attend her 60th High School reunion, for 25,000 + $11.20. Would love to give vouchers to my Mom for her flights 🙂

  • Mark R.

    Flying on DL 12/9 – 12/25

  • Matthew Justice

    I recently discovered that the TSA (mobile) website ( will give you up to date wait times at different security checkpoints, that can be a big time saver, also will show you where the TSA precheck lines are. I have a Delta trip in early December.

  • Terence

    Flying Delta Sydney-SFO-JFK-Dublin on 5 October 2016 and I will need a drink!!!