Radisson Blu Paper City Contest – If You Can Figure Out How to Enter, You Might Win

Radisson Blu Paper City Contest has launched. The grand prize, and only prize, is certificates for total 30 nights of stays, and roundtrip airfare to each of 5 cities that have Radisson hotels, as selected by the winner.

So proud of the design, there is even a ‘making of’ video:

You can enter the contest here. Contest ends October 12, 2016.  Full terms here.

You need to identify 5 cities and then answer ‘Describe your dream destination and why you would like to go there’ in 250-1200 characters. You can enter daily, however each essay is supposed to be unique. This is not random draw. A panel of judges will select the winner based on creativity (40%), personality (40%), and clarity (20%).


I have tried 3 different browsers. The paper city loads and then nothing happens. Clicking the blue dots on the city or navigation bar does nothing. The help section tells me to click the navigation bar.

Radisson Blu Paper City

Readers, does the contest work for you? If you are the only successful entrant you stand a good shot at winning!


With the essay requirement I am not going to bother with this contest.

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  • It worked for me on the first try, Stefan.

    I intend to post more about it in an upcoming article; but even though I was able to guess the cities, there are three clues which you can read to give you hints about which you can guess the city.

    After guessing all five cities correctly — you really have to go out of your way not to be able to do so; and I have to try to deliberately guess incorrectly to see what happens — you are then taken to a form to fill out your information and post your essay.

    You do not need to be a member of the Club Carlson frequent guest loyalty program to participate.

    I hope that helps. If not, come down for a visit and we can dine at Maru Sushi…

  • Brian Cohen – any excuse for another Maru outing.

    Radisson Blu via Twitter says they are trying to fix the issues, maybe already getting better since you and one other said on last hour you got through.

  • I did not try it again today; but I was successful with no problem yesterday.

    Regardless, I only participated for the challenge. I agree with you pertaining to the essay requirement.

    Just say when about Maru Sushi, Stefan. Perhaps we can write a joint review…

  • DaveS

    Whoa, just a single prize, and those with the time and inclination can enter daily? I’m not fighting that kind of competition to prepare something that would obviously take a great deal of time and effort with negligible chance of success.

  • @DaveS – they have done these kinds of essay contests in prior years. I always pass, too.