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On my mind: this inaugural weekday edition of the former weekly Chai Digest is for reader Shannon who is my persistent reminder of blog successes and failings.





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  • Shannon

    @RTC so glad you finally bring back this column. Was a little bit worried you would stop writing after the bombard.

  • @Shannon – I had no plans to stop, weekend I mostly spent with my wife so have not caught up on all the comments, regardless I stated what was on my mind and people are right to make their own decisions about how they spend their internet time.

  • john

    Thanks for this. I always liked these posts.

    Does that AwardAce thing account for fees? ie, booking JFK-JNB on lufthansa is free via united miles but $$$ with aeroplan miles; however booking it on turkish airlines is free with both United miles and Aeroplan miles.

    That Antarctica thing…. I have heard it before, if you go down to Ushuaia (because its so easy to get there) with no plans and hang around for a while (because we all have so much time) you will get on a boat for half price. As interesting as that is, I am dismayed that in the comments section there are multiple mentions of it not being easy anymore/the lid being shut. So which is it?!

  • @john – I don’t have an answer to either, have not yet tried Award Ace and have not yet seriously started researching an Antarctica trip, it certainly will not be this year.