Amazon Offline Video Now Supports SD Card Download

Amazon Offline Video has become a delightful travel companion. See my occasional reader contribution Road Warrior Amazon Offline Video Club.

Amazon Prime members can select from many titles available for offline viewing, up to 25 at a time. Previously you had to store in your compatible device’s internal memory. Now you can save to an SD card, even multiple cards. Yay!

Update in the Amazon Video app settings:

Amazon Video Settings

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  • Vicente

    I attempted to make use of the feature during a recent family trip to Italy.

    Load the Kindle Fire up with some movies, so kiddos could watch them without WiFi.

    But…….If you are not on WiFi at least once every 3 days, they stop being viewable.

    What a nuisance!

    So it really wasn’t that useful to us.

  • @Vincente – away from all wifi for 3 days? We should envy you. It does not need to be US and only applies to videos in the middle of watching in my experience. I have downloaded some that have let sit for weeks and not started up, other times I have not power up tablet for more than 3 days. Did you have ones that hadn’t started watching that were not viewable?