T-Mobile Updates: Belize Added and Europe High-Speed Summer Begins Today

Effective today, July 1, 2016, T-Mobile ‘worry-free’ roaming now includes Belize, completing coverage of Central and South America.

T-Mobile Belize Europe High-Speed

Customers get free 2G data and text, and voice at 20 cents/minute in 140+ countries and territories. Eastern Europe has been steadily fleshed out, so the only regions with significant gaps are Africa, Middle East and Oceania, those with likely the least traffic by T-Mobile users.

Today is also the start of Europe high-speed data, “up to 4G,” through August 31, 2016. Only exception is Andorra. The T-Mobile press release cheekily states, “Except Andorra.  Apologies to the proud people of Andorra!”

T-Mobile is also the Official Sponsor of Summer, noting, “Seasons can’t actually be sponsored. But, if we could, we’d totally sponsor summer. Yea, we’d sponsor the hell out of it.”

Note: the free in-flight wi-fi promotion in the above image was for the weekend of June 24-26 only.

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  • Shannon

    Your are one of the best of T-Mobile ambassadors.

  • @Shannon – and not sponsored. I have benefited tremendously, especially since losing my corporate AT&T phone. I don’t know the technical intricacies, however traveling with AT&T and T-Mobile side by side for several years I rarely found significant speed differences. People that say T-Mobile is too slow are rarely doing a side by side test so instead comparing to what they think the speed should be based on home country. You have countries such as China that down-throttle all data for foreign lines.

  • Reid

    128Kbps is considered high-speed? I thought the FCC standard for high-speed was 4Mbps download minimum.

  • @Reid – the limited-time Europe promo says “up to 4G” though does not guarantee a minimum beyond what they already do, since they recently have been up selling faster data to users like me when traveling, they have an incentive to deliver it during this promotion for us to see what it is like.

  • TJ

    I’ve been in Europe for 2 weeks now and have gotten at a minimum 5mb speeds with Google Fi in such places at greece, Malta, Sicily, Barcelona, etc. It’s amazingly fast – have the speed test app results as proof!

  • Shannon

    @RTP Can you connect western media and social network through T-mobile roaming network?

  • @Shannon – generally yes, all non-Chinese SIMs usually can connect to those, all at down-throttled speeds that make it tough to do much of anything.

  • Somsak P

    I am in Nice ,France and will be in Monte Carlo and London for another 10 days. I paid $50 per mo. For every thing but could not call or text. What gives. Does T Mobile have service in this area?

  • @Somsak P – you need to connect to one of the local networks, not all have roaming agreements with T-Mobile but you can usually find one or two that work in each country. You will also need to have roaming turn on on your phone.