ICN Sky Hub Lounge Now Has DIY Bibimbap!

Our Seoul-Incheon connection was too short to go to a lounge. We still made it to the Sky Hub Lounge. Now they have DIY bibimbap! Time was so short I couldn’t even partake.

ICN Sky Hub Bibimbap

The twin Sky Hub lounges in the main terminal upper level, one near the Asiana transit desk, one near the Korean Air transit desk, and accessible with Priority Pass and Diners Club, have basic amenities to go with great food. Get your bulgogi, tofu, and if in season, you might find rambutans! Some local drinks and the ice cream have been scaled back, otherwise Sky Hub is humming along.

Contrast with the Asiana (accessible with Priority Pass) and Korean Air lounges which are disappointing food-wise. Both have generic international food. I only swing through Korean Air for the day’s papers and ginseng tea packets.

When connecting in ICN, find Sky Hub and feast.

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  • Shannon

    Korean air lounge is really lousy and service is bad

  • @Shannon – and they have all those agents at the front, yet I can’t figure out what they are there for since anything like even a seat change they send passengers over to the transit desk across the terminal. Puzzling for such an otherwise grant airline. Asiana lounge boy much better though more attractive design.

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  • john

    I assume this post refers to the KE Prestige Class Lounges at ICN not the First Class Lounge. What are the alcoholic beverages like at Sky Hub? The Prestige Lounge selection is meager.

    I like the Prestige Lounge private toilets, and the shower rooms are very nice for a business-class lounge.

  • Donald Mamula

    The best part about the KE lounge is that they serve a delightful Ballantine’s 17 year Scotch. Other liquor offerings are meager, but for a Scotch drinker, it’s one of the better spots.

  • @john – Yes, Prestige/Business, I have not been in First for either KE or OZ. Prestige washlet toilets are great to freshen up.

    I apologize, I have not inspected the alcoholic selection at Sky Hub. It does not take up much space.

  • john

    The Ballantine’s scotch in the Prestige lounge is a nice touch. Another nice feature of this lounge is that even though it is essentially one huge space, there is seating in the area to the left (as you face the gates) of the check in desk that provides a more intimate setting. Plus just past the food area is a small TV room with comfortable seating that is almost always empty.

    I have yet to visit the KE first class lounge at ICN but will have an opportunity in September.