Chai Digest: Podcasts for Thinking Ears

Dateline: Jersey City, NJ. Sun has set on a winter landscape that warms my heart of thoughts of home and childhood.

Over here we pay more than homage to truth and facts, and seek to expand our fund of knowledge however unfashionable rejection of ignorance and flimflammery has become.


South Sudan Juba Stadium





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  • DaninMCI

    Politics aside, you missed several good travel podcasts like Layovers, The Paxex podcast, Amateur Traveler and This Week in Travel.

  • Rapid Travel Chai

    @DaninMCI – I was highlighting specific episodes that I recently thought worth specific callout. I have been meaning to do a general series on travel podcasts, in my research some others new to me that I will check out are Abroaders and The Global Travel Conspiracy.

    Layovers and Paxex are new to me, so I am subscribing. Amateur Traveler I like when I enjoy the guests. This Week in Travel I find inconsistent, the more they ramble, the more I tune out. Jen Leo doesn’t seem to know much about travel.

    P.J O’Rourke is about as right-wing libertarian as can be, while Gerson is probably considered RINO, so I figure next week I should give some time to left-wing voices.

  • Shannon

    RHINO or RINO? Probably RINO.

  • Rapid Travel Chai

    @Shannon – yes.