Here’s a Few More Charts for You and Your Dollars to Travel in 2016

It’s not just Canada that should be on your dollar-stretching travel radar in 2016. Check out these 10-year rates for the USD. These are incredible rates to get that dream Patagonia expedition, South African safari, Norwegian fjords cruise and more. I’m off to Norway next week, in fact.



Chile:USD to CLP

India:USD to INR

Japan:USD to JPY

Norway:USD to NOK

Turkey:USD to TRY

South Africa:USD to ZAR

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  • John

    Nice post. Here is something called The Big Mac index that breaks down the world vs the dollar and best bang for your buck that might interest some readers.

  • John

    PS: I just heard back from Venque and the weight of the XL Briefback Bag is 1.95 lbs! I am always looking for the next great bag and this bag is functional, light, stylish and reasonable which might make it my next new bag. Thanks Stefan for the lead…..

  • @John I was just going to mention the Big Mac Index!

  • Rapid Travel Chai

    @John, @Dan @ Points With a Crew – reminds me I had forgotten about that since The Economist stopped putting it in the print edition, it is a great tool.

  • Rapid Travel Chai

    @John – sounds great. It is a bit small to be a full overnight bag unless you pack really like, though versatile as a large briefcase and doesn’t look like an overnight bag, which I like. My first trip with the Milano was good, only feature I still am not thrilled is the strap for attaching to a suitcase requires the back pocket to be open.

  • GB

    You wouldn’t happen to be going to the Tromso film festival would you? If so maybe I’ll see you there.

  • Rapid Travel Chai

    @GB – I had no idea. I took it because I have to have a layover on the 19th coming back from Svalbard and the town looks interesting. Maybe you’ll have a chance to meet that night? I will email you.

  • Rapid Travel Chai

    @GB – got an email bounce when wrote you, let me know if you will be around then.

  • kampung

    You can add Malaysia to that list.. MYR almost 50% down from the highs in 2011.

  • Rapid Travel Chai

    @kampung – good one, I knew they were having issues, did not realize the drop has been so severe, and it wasn’t an expensive country at the prior levels.