The Monocle Travel Top 50 is Pretentious and I Love It Every Year

Monocle is a lifestyle publication that blends editorial and advertorial in a swirling world of weighty magazines, internet radio station and video. I am in awe at founder Tyler Brûlé who commands a nearly advertorial position in the FT Weekend that I relish each week where he can name drop his clients and friends in tales of his travels.

Monocle’s Travel Top 50 2015/16 collects their recommendations for a travel life where no price tag need be consulted. Not all are expensive themselves, and this is where I get inspiration because they range from hotels to classic train lines to small decor touches that get me thinking beyond my normal orbit. So much better than the typical spin the globe ‘Places to go in 2015’ list. Enjoy:

Bonus – here is 2014/15:

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  • Shannon

    He loves JAL, ANA and almost everything about Japan but absolutely hates U.S carriers including Delta.

  • Rapid Travel Chai

    @Shannon – the Japan fetish is fun, and in contrast he likes almost nothing else of Asia. Finnair was one of his faves for a while. I think he recently had something decent to say about US carriers in comparison to even faster race to the bottom on European carriers’ intra-Europe service.

  • Shannon

    that is one of few things he said good about US carriers and one of his Christmas wishes from Santa…ironically his own airline isn’t that good either