Mystery Airline Amenity Kit Giveaway

Update: Wow! Huge response. To keep things rolling as we fly past 100 entrants, I am adding a second amenity kit to the draw, same rules as the first. We’re covering the world in weather reports.

I am heading to Las Vegas for CES and in a gaming mood. I also have a duffle of amenity kits that I want out the door. So let’s start a periodic giveaway. I’ll randomly select a recipient and randomly select the amenity kit, here’s the current inventory (all are from business class in the past several years):

Amenity Kits

  • Delta old Tumi x9
  • Delta new Tumi x1
  • Virgin Atlantic x2
  • AeroMexico x1
  • United old x1
  • United PGA x2
  • Air Canada x1
  • Lufthansa x1
  • Ferragamo x3
  • Porsche x2
  • Chopard x1

Share the temperature of where you are now in a comment to this post.

Deadline for comment is Friday, January 8 at 23:59 EST. Comment email field must contain valid email address for potential winners to receive notification. One entry person. A valid email address in the comment form is required to notify the potential winner who must respond to accept within 72 hours of notification. US entrants/addresses only.


186 entries, plus one newsletter subscriber I allowed to enter, makes 187, here we go:

The first draw goes to #69, Chris Nyerson who reported “12 degrees sub kelvin,” and the amenity kit draw is #12, a Virgin Atlantic.

Amenity Kit 20160110 A Random Amenity Kit 20160110 A

The second draw goes to #64, Watson who reported “25F in Augusta, GA this morning,”, and the amenity kit draw is #2, a Delta old Tumi.

Amenity Kit 20160110 B Random Amenity Kit 20160110 B

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  • jamie tiong

    I would like to win them all as I love airline amenity kits

  • Rich T

    270 degrees Kelvin

  • Brenda

    28 degrees at 5:20 am in Salem, Oregon! Gonna be a slippery drive to work!

  • CW

    16 degree F in O-H-I-O

  • John

    20 degrees farenheit

  • Richard

    It is 27 Fahrenheit north of Atlanta this morning

  • Chris_iow

    10.0 c in UK. Mild for the time of year.

  • Jessica G

    18 deg in CRW

  • Becca

    It’s a balmy 25F here.

  • Jamie


  • Bob


  • Nick H

    28 in Colorado Springs

  • Mike

    20* C

  • Bob

    Whoops temperature is 8 C

  • Enoch Tse


  • Monika D

    At the moment here is 70 degrees. ☺️

  • Ty

    Uncomfortable 27 degrees fahrenheit with hope of increase later in the day

  • TrAAveller

    41ºF // 5ºC

  • Jim

    Brrrr. It’s 27°F. I should head to Vegas.

  • Rodney

    57 Degrees Phoenix, AZ

  • S. Cobbs

    It’s a balmy 24 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Delia

    Sunny Beautiful warm 79 degrees Dorado Puerto Rico

  • Steffi

    86 F, in the Maldives right now

  • Chucksterace

    Too cold. 30 degrees.. Brrr

  • Mary M

    18 F

  • Oliver Chan


  • Dan

    28ºF in Chicago.

  • Jerry

    It’s 22 degrees in cloudy Chicago

  • YodeenotYoda

    Trying to survive the Florida winter that is 70F at the moment. brr..brr..brrr.. lol

  • It’s an early morning temp of 27ºF in NYC!

  • Debbi

    69° in the 954

  • Atif

    10 F (-12 C) here….winter finally has arrived!

  • glenn

    A very warm 13F here in Norwalk, CT, Fairfield county.

  • Amy

    17° F this morning. Brr…

  • Richard

    47 degrees here.

  • Kim Griffith

    66F here on a South Florida morning 🙂

  • Arthur H

    18F in DC

  • Dave

    49 degrees FAHRENHEIT

  • Robyn

    41 degrees F in Seattle!

  • Anosh Tamboowala

    Its 73 F right now which is on the cooler side believe it or not.

  • Anita

    It’s a chilly 27 degrees in NYC! I have bought two scarves in the last two days it’s too cold!!!!!! Get me outta here

  • mh

    It’s 47F LA. soooo cold.

  • Howie

    33F in Savannah (too damn cold!)

  • Jon

    A warm 26 degrees

  • Ankur

    28F in Raleigh, getting cold.

  • Ankur

    18F chilly

  • Max J

    55 degrees in Florida! brrrrr

  • Jeff

    22F, but slowly descending over the weekend.

  • Andy W

    it is -3C here in Charlotte, NC this morning.

  • dhammer53

    It’s 23 F in HPN.

  • Chris

    48 F rainy

  • Mina

    It’s 23F here.

  • Kelly s

    49 in San Antonio

  • Minister Roddre Massey

    It is currently 68F in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

  • Isabel

    14 degrees driving to work this morning.
    Jamison, PA

  • John

    25 degrees Fahrenheit here in Nashville.

  • Sandi

    10 degrees here!

  • Patrick M

    16 °F

  • Andre Salles

    68F in (not so) sunny Miami, FL

  • Carol Mann

    It is 43 degrees on the Monterey Bay.

  • Alex H

    38°F here in Tulsa

  • Ray D

    17 degrees Fahrenheit 🙁

  • Andrew

    3c in Tokyo

  • Watson

    25F in Augusta, GA this morning

  • Ken

    It’s 27 degrees Fahrenheit in zip code 37211.

  • Benito

    A brisk 34 degrees here in NYC

  • Scott

    62 degrees

  • Dan

    A lovely 28° in NYC today.

  • Chris Nyerson

    12 degrees sub kelvin

  • Benito Varela

    34 degrees in NYC

  • Chris

    52 degrees and delicious here in New Orleans.

  • Mike

    A balmy 27℉ here in Minnesota!

  • Lisa K

    It is 24 F in WI this am.

  • Patrick C

    It’s a chilly 27 F in here in Lake Forest, IL

  • Lois

    27 degrees F with anow expected

  • Peter

    -2 C // 28 F in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  • Rupert W

    A very nice crisp 27 degrees F currently here in Atlanta Georgia.

  • Jim F.

    It’s a soggy 48 degrees Fahrenheit in Windsor, CA.

  • pointster

    28 degrees Fahrenheit. Ick.

  • Jason

    80°F on the island of Guam~

  • Diane S.

    24* F in Northern Virginia.

  • Deanna

    It’s 8° F in Albany!!

  • Michael

    Temperature is higher than yesterday but still only 37 degrees F in Norfolk, VA

  • Robin

    15 degrees F. A little bit chilly!

  • SH

    29º F

  • Tim

    71° in Fort Lauuderdale. Brrrrrrr!

  • Brian

    -32C before the wind.

  • David Cohen

    39° in Brooklyn,NY

  • It is 26F here in ATL

  • Iolaire McFadden

    25* Arlington VA

  • Marissa

    30 degrees F in Boston

  • RS

    66 degrees Fahrenheit in Beirut today

  • GetToThePoints

    0.555556 daltons

  • Steve

    43 degrees here in Fort Worth.

  • phil gold

    a bitter 18 degrees this morning walking into work.

    thanks and good luck!

  • Eric

    Up to 32 here in Chicago now

  • Linda

    33 degrees here!

  • Sky

    48 degrees and cloudy

  • Wendy

    Currently 25 f and I’m hibernating.

  • ben

    31 degrees F or -1 degrees C over here.

  • Brett

    A balmy 29 degrees (F) right now! Yesterday it was -12 with the wind chill!

  • Rusheyene Walters

    24 degrees in Fort Bragg North Carolina

  • Michael

    It’s 55F here in Los angeles

  • Sun

    37 degrees now in NC

  • Joe

    45 F in Rancho Cucamonga !

  • Diana Nogueira

    48F here in Austin!

  • tiffany

    35 degrees f

  • Debra

    31° in nyc. It’s cold!

  • ketan

    36 F in NJ

  • Ramas

    It’s 27F here

  • Clayton

    39 degrees here in Washington, DC.

  • J

    It’s 25 F.

  • David

    A balmy 25F here in KY

  • Kathy B

    It’s a balmy 34 degrees here in Maryland.

  • Eric

    36 degrees F in Chicago

  • Xin

    A freezing 35 degrees Fahrenheit here.

  • It’s 52 degrees F in Scottsdale. FREEZING.

  • Joel

    1C (34F) and Cloudy in Kansas City. I would use the eye mask to stay home and take a nap in this dreary weather. Would prefer anything but the Ferragamo as I have never flown J for those airlines. Thank you!

  • MJ

    55 and raining!

  • Kara

    34 degrees in Omaha. And it’s snowing.

  • S


  • Pete

    Rainy 50F in cloudy San Francisco 🙂

  • Eric

    22 degrees F here in PHL

  • mason


  • Mark

    81 degrees in Salvador Brazil as we wait 4 for the next flight to Iguassu Falls.

  • Nick O

    36 degree F in Butler, PA

  • Neil Russo

    9 degrees in NE Pennsylvania Pocono Mountains.

  • mike


  • Niels

    Currently 4 degrees Celsius @ Schiphol airport, The Netherlands.

  • Will

    39 Deg F in Brooklyn!

  • Jeffrey B

    35 F

  • PDB

    8 degrees in PA. Above.

  • Kasandra

    52 degrees Fahrenheit

  • Janet

    48F and cloudy, also in Vegas at CES!

  • nat


  • Karen

    52 degrees in West Los Angeles and with rain!

  • beth

    31 degrees farenheit

  • Joseph N.

    Today I am in Stockton, Calif and it is 50 degrees and raining. Oh, I could use a trip to Florida, or even Phoenix, right about now, but my hotel stays are all gonna be rainy for the next few days.

  • Zach

    49F in San Rafael, CA

  • AC

    52°F here in Los Angeles

  • Peggy Johnson

    45 degrees at 3:49pm in Forest,VA

  • Adam

    It’s a balmy 1C here in Milwaukee!

  • Jordan

    Awesome! 42 here.

  • Erik

    37F in Cincinnati, OH and mostly cloudy (rain on the way).

  • Kathy

    Great giveaway, I love amenity kits! It’s a chilly 38 here.

  • Lee F.

    Warming up in Chicago! Got to 39 F today.

  • Mary

    33 degrees and a threat of flurries in Illinois.

  • Tony

    7 Degrees. Burrrrr.

  • Marc

    63F in Hong Kong. Mostly Sunny. 🙂

  • Derek

    Rimowa or Tumi one is good….I wanna it 😛

    huge rain showering in L.A. California now….

  • Paul

    32 degrees Fahrenheit, with rain transitioning to sleet (and probably snow)

  • Mark T

    9° C in Seattle, WA at 3:40pm PST.

  • Andrew Vu

    Peoria, Arizona-57 degrees w/80% chance of rain

  • Xavier

    4 degrees Celsius!

  • James

    Thanks for this! 60 degrees and rain! Thanks El Niño.

  • Valerie Purdy-Pyeron

    32° here in Washington, DC

  • Angela

    53 degrees in Tucson, AZ. Chilly for us!

  • r hirsch

    it’s 299 kelvin

  • Daniel

    32 F in Minnesota. This year is unusually warm but now it starts to look a lot like Christmas. No pun intended.

  • Jonathan B

    It is a frigid, 27 degrees Fahrenheit in Massachusetts!

  • Jordan L

    49F and rainy here in SF tonight

  • Ash

    20 degrees, but below zero with the windchill!

  • Ash

    20 degrees in central new jersey… but below zero with the windchill!

  • Annamarie V

    It’s currently 36 degrees in Western Washington

  • Liz Haglund

    Northern California is about 55°F. A little colder than normal but certainly not complaining. We need rain and it’s raining.

  • Jamie

    57 degrees in Orlando. Looks like winter will arrive home to Chicagoland just when we do.

  • Pam

    Finally a brisk and chilly morning in Orlando at 58 degrees now with a high expected today at 75.

  • jef

    52 S.E. Georgia

  • Amee

    It’s wet 50 F in orange county

  • Shannon

    35F in New York!

  • James

    34 degrees on the east coast

  • Ben

    New York City, 45 degrees Fahrenheit, 7 degrees Celsius.

  • C L

    50 degrees in San Francisco… Cloudy with surf warnings… At least it is not storming like the last few days… 😉

  • Manish

    45 degrees in midtown NYC.

  • MJ

    57F in Orange County, CA

  • Mae

    A depressing 66 degrees in Florida

  • Jill

    42F in Northern Virginia

  • ronnie

    brooklyn,nyc is 42 degrees now 4pm on jan.7th

  • Paul

    55 in Anaheim, CA

  • Laura

    Los Angeles, 56 degrees, tenuous sun after drenching downpour of two El Niño storms this week. Next storm on Saturday. One week of rain down, 12 more to go till late March. Gulp… #elniñowreakinghavoc

  • Julie

    30 Fahrenheit in Minneapolis, MN; heading for 0 and 25 below windchill for Sunday Viking/Seahawks game!

  • Phxbne

    46f in Phoenix AZ at 8pm

  • Jerry

    Currently 43 degrees in Los Angeles after a week of rain!

  • Desi

    I’m with my significant other visiting Los Angeles and it’s so cold after this #El Nino Rain! 46 degrees in hollywood

  • Jake Mao

    Nice sunny day 65 degrees in sf

  • Linda

    In Walnut Creek, Ca. It’s currently 48 degrees.
    I read your blog all the time. It is one of my favorites.
    I learn so much.
    Thank you

  • Jason

    24F in Pratt, KS