Chai Digest: No ‘Poo, Time Zones, New Chernobyl and more

Dateline: Jersey City, NJ



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  • Andrew C

    Just wanted to chime in with how much I appreciate this type of post. I try to read pretty broadly, but am always amazed at the interesting stuff you put in here. Thanks!

  • Charlie

    Awesome that you are headed to Greenland! How long will you be there? I had wanted to make it this summer but it will have to wait until next year for me. I will look forward to photos and a report!

  • Rapid Travel Chai

    @Andrew C – maybe we can have a weekly Andrew’s pick included? I try to read widely and strenuously avoid the social media ‘recommended for you’ bubble by reading a variety of sources and not letting any algorithm curate for me, I imagine you are similarly inclined.

    @Charlie – I have been on the fence on it, I only have a few days and it is expensive. I have been following the delayed flight resumption days of Greenland Express. I may have to give up, pay even more for Greenland Air, and because of their schedule lose a day, so would be down to one night.