Chai Digest: Dysfuntional Airline Board, Bonaire Boost and more

Dateline: Stowe Mountain Resort, Vermont.



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  • I was in Dunhuang a few weeks ago… While all major Chinese tourist attractions seem to have an amusement-park feel to them, the Mogao Caves still feel relatively non-commercial (unlike the Sand Dunes, which are probably a good taste of what’s to come…). The visitor’s center for the caves gets a bit cramped, but overall I can’t imagine them being able to logistically handle many more tourists, and the fragility of the caves makes me quite concerned about them trying…

    As an aside, while I strongly disapprove of tomb-raiders and looting, I can’t help but think that many Chinese cultural relics would be much better off if they left China…

  • Rapid Travel Chai

    @Adam K – glad to hear things are holding on. When I visited a decade ago, the commercial aspects were mainly some distance away in the dessert. Irony doesn’t play the same in China. I remember the mandatory guide telling us (in Chinese, I was the only foreigner) down to the number the pieces taken out of China by each nationality. Then she had a throwaway comment that all pieces from Dunhuang that remained in China are missing.