Shouting at Dawdling Dumpers at the Miami Admirals Club Bathroom

A bit of potty humor for Friday.

I was in an American Airlines Admirals Club in Miami this week, minding my own business, when I heard a loud, aggressive shout ricochet around the tiles, “Come on guys, you reading in there? There’s a line.”

(That Admirals Club by D-30 is sprawling with small bathrooms. Not a place to take a leisurely respite.)

There was no movement.

The shouting resumed, “Guys, you reading? Put down the book. Put down the phone.”

Then a flush, a door swung open and a sizable man by the sound of his voice emerged, “You take a sh*t put a timer on you? Entitled #@#%^@!”

Nothing further was heard and no teeth were on the floor moments later when I emerged into the fluorescence.

The sign outside the Admirals Club, “Take it easy before taking off.”

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  • Melody Lynn

    Slow news day?

  • Fathiss

    It wasn’t my fault. There wasn’t any TP in there. I asked the guy next to me if he could spare a square but he said no.

  • DFWSteve

    Admirals Clubs have become as crowed as the midway at a state fair. I saved my money and use Centurion lounges when available, or just find an empty gate area and chill. Less hectic than the zoo-like Admirals Clubs.

  • Rapid Travel Chai

    @Melody Lynn – I am not a news outlet.

  • Shannon

    should’ve used Centurion lounge instead