United Club Passes Giveaway for Club Carlson Ideas

I have 2 United Club passes expiring 6/30/15 to give away.

Please share what Club Carlson hotels you have booked ahead of the big devaluation, or those you recommend others book. Deadline for comment is Sunday, May 31 at 23:59 EDT. That should leave 1 last hour to book before the Club Carlson changeover, reported to be at 23:59 CDT, though I wouldn’t time it that close.

Comment email field must contain valid email address for potential winners to receive notification. A potential winner will be selected at random and notified by email on Monday, June 1 and posted here. A valid email address in the comment form is required to notify the potential winner who must respond to accept by Tuesday, June 2 at 23:59 EDT. Available to US entrants/addresses only.


Uninted Club Passes 20150601

And the draw goes to #53, Lynn, fittingly last in before the deadline, who booked:

For Sept 2016, I booked 6 nights back to back with my and hubby’s account at Radisson Blu in Lucerne, Switzerland. We will take the Bernina express from Chur down to Milan and then fly to Madrid, Spain where we will stay 4 nights at the Radisson Blu.

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  • Regan Geeseman

    I used my CC points to book a room in Austin for the music festival. There are 2 weekends of music. The Radisson on the water is walking distance to the park where the show is. I think that’s an excellent use of points.

  • Dave Z

    I have booked the Radisson Martinique on Broadway, and also the Radisson Blu in Philly. Great value before the rates go up!

  • Jeff

    Radisson Blu Istanbul Pera!

  • Harold

    Twice at Radisson in Los Angeles next to Univ. of Southern California. For a conference there and I saw lots of USC football fans tailgating at the Chervon Gas Station at the corner!!!

  • Mike in Austin

    I booked 6 nights are 3 hotels in Orlando for a week of disney with my kids in August . I booked 4 nights in aruba for next march with a paid night in between the stays.. 5 nights for price of one. Finally .. Booked two nights in los Angeles for this July.

  • Ketan Shah

    Open for booking in 2016
    Radisson Blu Hotel, Amsterdam
    Radisson Blu Le Dokhan’s Hotel, Paris
    Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Brussels
    Goa, India is a sweet deal for 9k

    Open for booking in 2017 & 2018
    Almost all Park Ins hotels (Look in Orlando, Germany, Prague etc.)

  • JRG

    Actually, I have never used Club Carlson points, so I can’t really answer the question. Overall, it is unfortunate airlines and hotels are making their “currency” less valuable….

  • Kim

    I have bookings in Budapest, Bratislava, Vienna, Salzburg and Mexico City. Not sure I’ll even use them. Still have 50,000 points and trying to figure out how to use it.

  • Marc

    Raddison Blu Chicago is my favorite!

  • wanderlust08

    I booked two nights in Denver, Colorado.

  • Rj

    Together with wifey:

    8 nights in Aruba (4, 1 night away, 4)
    4 nights in Fiji
    4 nights in ventura, ca (centrally located from both Santa Barbara and Malibu)

  • DavidNJ

    Absolutely suggest the Radisson Aruba. Stayed twice this past Winter on points for a total of 18 nights and was upgraded to a suite both times. I’ve booked Aruba for one last stay in February, 2016. Was told the property is being sold so we hope our 8 night reservation is honored if sold. Well maintained property & the best location. We also booked 10 nights @ the Radisson, Grenada over Thanksgiving. This will be our 1st stay so I do not know what to expect. Based on what I’ve read about Grenada, Grand Anse beach where the Radisson is located is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. To burn the remainder of points, we booked four nights @ the Radisson Blu, Philly in June. We look forward to visiting the historic sites and checking out the nite life.

  • kj

    Radisson Aruba …….hopefully !!!

  • Kate

    The radisson royals in Copenhagen and st Petersburg for next summer.

  • Eddy

    Radisson Martinique seems like a solid choice. Great location and value if you’re heading out to NYC!

  • Sam Barnes

    The Radisson Blu Madrid: going to Spain for a week, starting and ending in Madrid, so four nights total.

  • Lance

    I’m taking my parents to Europe this summer. We’ve booked:
    – Plaza on the River – London, UK
    – Radisson Blu Royal – Bergen, NO
    – Radisson Blu – Lillehammer, NO
    – Radisson Blu Royal – Dublin, IE

    All in, we’re able to cover all but two nights of our two wk vacation.

  • Matt

    I booked 4 nights in Iceland, 2 at the Blu 1919 and two at the Blu Saga….. For July 2016 =p

  • Joe Estes

    I booked the Radisson Aquatica in Barbados and the Radisson Blu in Copenhagen!

  • Kate

    a month in San Diego for the summer

  • Chris

    Radisson SLC. Not special, but out of necessity. I asked for a room facing the airfield and was disappointed to learn that none of them do.

  • Samuel

    Definitely recommend booking the Radisson Blu 1919 Reykjavik before it becomes Category 7.

  • Charlotte

    I was in Scotland last summer and the Radisson Blu in Edinburgh is in a wonderful location- right on the Royal Mile. Highly recommend location- had a Business class room which was OK and breakfast was a nice spread. Good service and decent bar. Walking distance from train station. Rooms would have gone for about $280 a night when I was there so 50K for 2 nights was a good deal.

  • cj

    I’m staying right now on the danube river in budapest – awesome location across from the Parliament amazing views
    also london 2 nights in 2 different hotels 4 nights in bratislava and still have 300,000 plus to still book

  • Forrest

    One of my favorites is definitely the Radisson Blu Polar Hotel im Svalbard.
    It’s utilitarian at best, but what more could you want beyond functional blackout shades when the sun does circles in the sky?

  • I don’t think I’d be able to use the club passes but I’ve booked a few nights at Mexico City Radisson flamingos so my son and I can attend the formula 1 race there this fall. Trying to book a few more for Europe currently. I also really like the run down blu in Rome. Seems odd that they are moving it up a catagory.

  • Nick O

    I was going to book at the Radisson Blu Es in Rome, but paid rates aren’t bad (nor are they bad for a few other hotels in Rome for my dates). Going with Radisson Martinique. The front desk said the BOGO for credit card holders wasn’t a thing last summer so I “paid” for the second night of my reservation at check-in and then immediately called Club Carlson and it was taken care of in 4 minutes of hold time.

  • Dia

    Two U.S. Beach choices in case you can’t see overseas that far ahead : Radisson Suites Melbourne Beach, FL and Country Inn and Suites VA Beach. Both are solid all-oceanfront properties perfect for a weekend getaway.

  • Jon Parent

    Raddison Aruba, Feb 2016. 3 Nights with last night free!

  • Yana

    Two Radisson hotels in Iceland.

  • Chuck

    Radisson Aruba in July using Southwest points and companion pass to get there, and will book a German property before the day is over. Can really use United passes as it is the only domestic club at Orlando.

  • Eugene

    Orchid Park Plaza Tel Aviv
    Radisson Blu Aqaba

  • Katie

    I have booked the Radisson Martinique on Broadway and Radisson Aruba for 2016. Great value for points and locations.

  • Russ

    Radisson Blu Hotel, Amsterdam

  • Dennis

    I got the US Bank/Club Carlson card in February as part of me first getting in to this hobby. Because I didn’t know US Bank was ultra sensitive to other inquiries, I got denied. After calling and saying that the other inquiries were kind of accidental (not all entirely correct), I was approved…for the platinum version. Darnit!

    I had decided to try to go London, Paris, and Rome, and to try to stay as much as possible using Radisson Blu. I was hell bent on maximizing it despite my initial failure. I did the minimum spending and got the full 60,000 points. Then, went on an MS tear. Got 70K points and reserved two nights (one night plus bonus night) at Radisson Blu Champs Elysees for October.

    Then, I heard about the 30K bonus for staying. I did a mattress run down in Ventura, CA for $100. For that, I got 35K some odd points. More MS’ing and 13K point purchase later, I had 50K for two nights at Radisson Blu Edwardian Mercer street (one night plus bonus night).

    Finally, did more MS’ing and purchased 13K in points to get 44K for a two nights at Radisson Blu es. Rome (one night plus bonus night).

    All told, 6 nights in good hotels for the annual fee, gift card fees for the MS’ing, and the points purchase. Not bad! Amazing, I would say. But, then again, I’m still relatively new to all this.

  • Ben

    I booked the art’otel Berlin Mitt by Park Plaza and the Park Inn by Radisson Munich

  • Linda

    We’re staying two nights at the Radisson Blu Oslo!

  • Jordan

    We’ve booked the Radisson Park Inn Krakow!

  • Elaine

    We’re not into aspirational stays; we just like a good place to lay our heads in a place we want to be. So I booked:
    6 nights in Vancouver BC – can’t remember which but a Radisson
    2 nights in NYC Martinique
    6 nights in CapeTown
    4 nights in Johannesburg
    Looking forward to it!

  • Bob

    4 nights in the French Quarter in NOLA!

  • scott

    booked at park plaza beijing!

  • wen wen

    my husband and i booked a hotel to attend an upcoming wedding in California

  • jessie

    I would have liked a chance to book in Paris but unfortunately do not have the points or a specific date with which I could have redeemed.

  • duncan

    I enjoyed our hotel in Melbourne Flagstaff. Good location and great city

  • Joe C

    Raddison Blu in Philadelphia for 3 nights this July

  • P T

    I have booked for 2016 and hope that it comes true:
    Radisson Blu Style Vienna
    Radisson Blu Carlton Bratislava
    Radisson Blu Krakow
    Radisson Blu Royal Astorija Vilnius
    Radisson Blu Elizabete Riga
    Park Inn by Radisson Meriton Tallinn, opening June 2015

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  • Farnorthtrader

    Booked 2 rooms for 2 nights each at each of the 2 Radissons in Panama City for October, 2016 and 1 room for 4 night at the Radisson Fort George in Belize City. Still have some points left, but nothing on the horizon to use them. Already had this summer’s vacation booked, including 4 nights in 2 rooms at the Radisson Blu Athens and 2 nights in 2 rooms at the Radisson Blu Bosphorous in Istanbul. Also already have the fall vacation booked to New York but have Hilton and IHG free nights that had to be used before they expire.

  • Rapid Travel Chai

    @Farnorthtrader – thanks for reminding me that I had meant to look into Istanbul, still a few hours left.

  • Pointster

    I booked the May Fair and the Radisson Blu Edwardian Hampshire in London for two nights each in late June and the Radisson Blu Royal Dublin in early July. It’s the first time my wife and I have left the U.S. together, and we thought we’d do it the right way. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that we got over $2600 in value for 184,000 Carlson points.

  • We’ve used our points for three nights (points for two, last one free) in Austin to visit our adorable grandchildren .)

  • Ssm

    I booked and we stayed two nights at the Radisson Blu 1919 (last week!) in Rejkavik, Iceland. Great and central property, and used my 80k just in time!!

  • Lynn

    For Sept 2016, I booked 6 nights back to back with my and hubby’s account at Radisson Blu in Lucerne, Switzerland. We will take the Bernina express from Chur down to Milan and then fly to Madrid, Spain where we will stay 4 nights at the Radisson Blu.