Sprint Launches Free Data & Text in 15 Countries

Sprint is clinging to life in a fight with T-Mobile for #3 in the US market. I just received an offer from Sprint for my mother’s phone to add free data & text in 15 counties. Similar to T-Mobile, voice will be 20 cents/minute. Existing plans can add Value International Roaming for no additional cost. It must be an LTE/GSM-capable device. This offer started April 10, I am little behind the news cycle.

The countries are: Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Spain, Chile, Costa Rica, Panama, Germany, Japan, Russia, South Korea and United Kingdom.

Sprint Value International Roaming

T-Mobile has 120+ countries and I love it. Sprint has a long way to go, though I applaud the competitive move.

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  • P T

    Thanks for the info. Looking for a new phone and plan. Have been curious about T-Moble.

  • Miles

    It’s a good start, which I hope will bring more competition into the international-data space.

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  • Carol

    T-mobile offers free data and roaming in over 120 countries. I love it.

  • AZTravelGuy

    15 countries.

    Versus 120 for T-Mobile, Verizon, Google Fi. Can’t believe they launched with that.

  • Shannon

    T-mobile’s 2G roaming is extremely slow and unbearable.