FTU DFW 2015: All About Delta SkyMiles

Here is the first officially sanctioned on Delta at a Frequent Traveler University, in Dallas, April 2015. It was lightly attended though a fun group of elites and the curious how Delta was let in the door.

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  1. […] FTU DFW 2015: All About Delta SkyMiles  –  Rapid Travel Chai     This is a really great educational presentation about Delta SkyMiles. I do not like FTUs because it is dominated by Titanic salesmen of plastic proportions, see TBB Blogs To Ignore. This is my own humble opinion. I express it here without remorse and I don’t care if it is bad for my blogging business.   Wait for it, wait for it. Blogging business, say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? If you are not laughing you are just way too serious! […]

  • Gene

    @ Stefan — Thanks for not putting any good “secrets” in writing!

  • Joy

    Thanks for this talk and the Extreme International Travel sessions! Both were the highlight of the weekend for me, as they were much more in line with how and why I travel!

  • I love that you quoted Gary to support reasons for sticking with Delta 🙂

  • Rapid Travel Chai

    @FrequentMiler – I enjoy layers of irony

  • Rapid Travel Chai

    @Gene – I try to strike a balance, and the intent of the session was to provide a beginner intro to Delta.

  • Joey

    I’ve gone to your extreme international travel and rental car sessions but I don’t recall ever going to your Delta session (I have gone to Delta Points’s though.) Thank you for your putting this up — I like your sense of humour throughout the slides and now wish I went to FTU DFW.
    I miss Continental and fondly remember the days when CO was part of skyteam.

  • Rapid Travel Chai

    @Joey – I like to do new ones to keep things interesting, it only took 3 years for the organizers to approve a Delta talk. 😉

  • Anders

    GOL: “dumpy experience.” Yes! Average age of female flight attendants: mid-20s. Yes! 🙂

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  • “…and the curious how Delta was let in the door.”

    Priceless! 🙂

  • Rapid Travel Chai

    @Joy – thanks so much for spending time with me.

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