Chai Digest: World Unraveling and the Most Disappointing Fruit

The FT this week has great pieces of the world unraveling:

More news:


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  • Edward

    While I would like to read the story named “End of the Ottoman empire” the link requires purchasing a subscription at the FT site.

  • Rapid Travel Chai

    @Edward – FT has a very aggressive paywall. You get 3 free articles per month if you register. Sometimes articles have a survey to read the full contents, other time not. Usually it works to search for the article in Google and click the link from Google, in that case you can read that specific article. FT subscriptions are very expensive and not many options or ways to get discounts so I go without. I buy the FT Weekend on the newstand for $3 which is the only publication I do buy on the newsstand. I wish they had a weekend only plan as the I find the weekdays thin.