FTU DCA 2014: Extreme International Travel

Here is my Extreme International Travel presentation from Frequent Traveler University, Washington, DC in December 2014:

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  • Stefan,
    Just had a few moments right now so quickly looked through the first 40, but I gotta say – just awesome! I am really sorry I missed being there, if only for your presentation! I will definitely be back to check the rest of it. Great stuff and thanks for sharing it here for all of us who weren’t able to attend!

  • Rapid Travel Chai

    @Charlie – thank you, hope to see you at a future event if you get the chance, each time I try to do some practical and some with a bit of pizzazz.

  • Kiwi Flyer

    Great presentation.

    I used to blog (amongst other things) on how to get to places, including some in your presentation. It isn’t always the case that awards are best.

  • john

    Nice! looks like you are going to start pounding the more obscure destinations (Goma!); looking forward to the direction this blog will go! Also, what is that funny white spot on your map – Belgium?

  • guera

    This is the best slideshow yet. Wish I could see this in person!

    I felt like I got ripped off getting the passport card when I renewed my passport 5 years ago, because I have never used it. Under what circumstances has it been handy?

    Any of your slides from this presentation would be great blog topics. I recognize some blog entry topics from the past.

  • Paula Roberts

    Fantastically useful overview! wish I’d been there.

  • Joey

    I saw you’re going to Goma and Bujumbura! Fun places! I went to Goma for Gorilla trekking and hiking up Nyiragongo. Magical places. Safe travels!

  • Rapid Travel Chai

    @Joey – wow, didn’t know you also went to DRC. I did the volcano last night, utterly incredibly. Tomorrow is the gorilla tracking.