Why Is IHG Into the Nights Still Such a Mess?

IHG’s 4th quarter Into the Nights promotion is incredibly generous and incredibly problem-plagued. At launch there were sign-up issues, later there was the changing offers fiasco, and I have also had 2 tasks marked as complete, 16,000 points awarded, then retracted.

IHG Clerical Error

And for the past two weeks I have not had a single update. On my primary, and only account, there are stays from a month ago that have not posted. IHG customer service is typically ineffective. The website only shows totals, not specific details on which has posted. All my activity is promptly posting to my IHG Rewards Club account.

What I don’t get is the prior The Big Win promos, which were very similar and presumably used the same technology, worked smoothly. My activity always posted at most after 2 weeks and I never had an error. I don’t recall hearing people with issues more than some getting assigned bizarre tasks. What gives?

Readers, are you still having Into the Nights issues? Found any way to resolve them?

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  • Shanghai9

    I just received an email from IHG with all of my progress towards free nights correctly displayed, although when I log in to the IHG Into the Nights site, it is not current.

  • Tom

    I found both big win promotions to run even worse than this.

    Decided IHG no longer want me as a customer as one task for into the night wanted me to spend nearly every Saturday night until Xmas in a hotel. Another was to spend at least 5 Sundays as part of a 2 night stay or more!

  • MSPDeltaDude

    Complete $HI* SHOW!!!!!! I was able to complete mine and if everything posts it will be a good deal. NOTHING HAS POSTED SO FAR! Was able to get my done for just a little under $300 and earned just close 30K, plus the free two nights.

  • Rapid Travel Chai

    @Shanghai9 – I just got the same email, it tells me to complete my final offer but shows two as not complete, and then none are updated on the website. I am curious to see the bonus offers and get them in enough time to do something about them.

  • Dan

    I’m still waiting for my Halloween stay to post to complete the challenge.

    Thanks for keeping the dialogue alive on this.

  • Ven

    ugggggggh! I finished my last requirement in late September. SEPTEMBER! I still have not gotten credit for it on the Into the nights page for booking with the app even with multiple, multiple emails to IHG customer care. They deposited the 8,400 points into my account but that doesn’t really help me get my two free nights! if the promo does not update. I was planning on using them for a stay in early January, but I doubt my issue will be resolved by then!

    IHG, if the point of the promo was to snag the type of customer who spent 200 nights in a hotel in 2014, you failed miserably. Never had even remotely similar issues with SPG/Hyatt/Marriott, etc.

  • Can you reach out to IHG, and tell them what a mess this has been? We don’t need any corporate speak Euphemisms or double speak, it has been a mess, a disaster, and has had lousy customer service follow up with the affected users. It has damaged the brand reputation for this program and likely ingendered mistrust. Then just let them respond.

    You might get further with them than the average person based on the hits Boarding Area gets.

    I haven’t had trouble with my promo other than things take a long time to post, but I have read about the troubles and poor response the bloggers & readers have gotten.

    This has made me focus much more on the Hyatt promotion. Especially after reading about the problems, I am glad I’m on track for Hyatt Diamond.

    If this was supposed to attract business to IHG, it may have done the opposite based on the ppor execution and the flip flop nature of how they have handled the issues reported.

  • DaninMCI

    It’s only generous for people are frequent customers from my experience. I have to stay like 45 times to get 20k points and some other minor rewards. It was a huge turn off for me and I’m shifting my business because of it. AND that was before they screwed up everything on the IT front. This is one of the biggest failures I’ve ever seen. They should fire the people who came up with this promo and who ever is running it.

  • James K.

    I’m with you fellas. I was SO excited for this promotion. I changed a whole bunch of stays and even did a mattress run to fulfill my terms, and what do I get? Nothing, with everything completed in early September. Wonderful. Thanks, IHG, for the stress. I’m running to Hilton now

  • Carl P

    My offer was so bad I didn’t even register. I feel bad for you guys, but am kind of enjoying IHG once again show how inept they are.

  • Billy

    I completed all my offers and only 2 of them show up as complete. I also was having trouble booking with the app and I posted a comment underneath an ad for the IHG app that showed up on my facebook feed, saying how worthless the app was for me at the time and that my stays weren’t posting to my into the nights promotion tally of completed stays. Someone from IHG responded that I should save all the receipts and email them directly to IHG customer service. I haven’t done that yet. Wondering why they can’t just look at my listing of completed stays on their website. Seems like they all posted there, just never posted to the promotion. Something is seriously not jiving between their promotion and their regular tally of stays. This is the first time I’ve done an into the nights promo. Have they all been this much of a disaster?

  • Juno

    I have had somewhat of a different experience. I think the intothenight program is designed to lure new customers who do not frequent IHG properties (like me who only has 2 nights ever in my life with IHG)

    I read some other bloggers who are offered ridiciulously little bonus for a whole lot of requirements. Well mine was basically 3 nights (2 saturdays in Holiday Innn and 1 more night elsewhere booked with the app) to get 10500 bonus points and 2 free night.

    So I jumped on it. Only thing I have to complain is that the paid night stays takes over a week to post to the account…. then about 3 weeks to reflect on Intothenight promotion site.

    I have completed my 3rd and final night on November 2nd. The stay posted on November 9th and just yesterday Novermber 18th, the rest of the 10500 bonus points posted to my IHG account. So I went and checked on the intothenight website and it said that 2 of the 5 offer were still in progress.

    All in all, I am happy with the promotion. I am just waiting for the 2 free nights or 50k points bonus to hit the website in a week or two. I guess I am one of the lucky ones who never had the original offer changed or get an outrageous requirements to earn the bonus to start.

  • Carl P

    @Juno – Given my past experiences I wouldn’t call myself lucky until the free nights actually hit your account. I never even got all I was due from the Reels promotion (after emails confirming that I had won).

  • Chris

    I’ve completed all five of my offers. One shows as complete on the Into the nights promo page, although I’ve gotten the bonus points for FOUR of the FIVE offers. I completed my very last offer 10 days ago. I’ll just wait another week or so before contacting IHG.

  • Clay P

    Yup, I am on the trouble side. Missing night and dashboard stuck started the fiasco. Contacted them, and have been going in circles between “it takes a while to post”, um it has been since Halloween like another poster, and “I see the credits in you account” um “into the nights account” not my Priority club account. I have now completed all five as of a week ago, yet again like someone else mine shows 1 task (100 points), and NOTHING has been credited into the points side either. I also did a mattress run to “rehit” a express property in case my first stay didn’t count. This promotion is a disaster…

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