This Airport Lounge Has a Boarding Gate, Moving Walkway, and Yes, Rambutans!

Mumbai Airport’s new Terminal 2 is distinctive, a visually interesting blend of modern (the textured white pillars) and hints of India (the palm leaf lamps that open and close to adjust brightness).

BOM Terminal 2

The permanent lounge is not quite ready so some lower level gates have been commandeered to make a temporary lounge. I believe that improvisation is locally called Jugaad. Not many lounges in the world with boarding gates and moving walkways.

BOM Terminal 2 Lounge 01

BOM Terminal 2 Lounge 02

BOM Terminal 2 Lounge 03

BOM Terminal 2 Lounge 05

BOM Terminal 2 Lounge 04

There is a great food selection, numerous Indian dishes, desserts like Earl Gray pannacotta, and, echoing my favorite airport lounge in the world, a big pile of rambutans.  No better way to wait for a flight than munch rambutans.

BOM Terminal 2 Lounge 07

BOM Terminal 2 Lounge 08

BOM Terminal 2 Lounge 09

BOM Terminal 2 Lounge 06

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  • Levy Flight

    I feel the need for a trip to India. Thanks for the reminder. Itchy feet and wanting tastebuds.

  • Hirsch

    is it possible to buy a day pass to this lounge? even if flying economy?


  • Rapid Travel Chai

    @Hirsch – I did not check, my guess is no to that lounge, but possibly yes to the adjacent Clipper Lounge which is in its own room and is open to holders of lounge clubs like Priority Pass.