United to Rebrand as Delpa in Next Phase of Chinatown Knockoff Strategy

Lolex watches, Poro shirts, Chinese entrepreneurs take knock-offs to comic heights. At my university in Philadelphia there was a blood feud between facing food trucks Le Anh and Real Le Anh. Things take an uglier turn when it comes to counterfeit medicines and food.

Through an imaginary leak I have uncovered further details of United’s ‘Chinatown Strategy’ to shamelessly copy Delta, eliminating the need to innovate or differentiate. The hope is that customers will accidentally purchase United tickets, only realizing the terrible mistake when too late and served cold, split nuts (on their 3-hour delayed flight).

The latest move, announced today, is a nearly identical copy of Delta’s revenue-based mileage earning in 2015.

Next is the boldest stroke yet, the rebrand as Delpa.

Delpa logo

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