FTU Seattle Presentation – Rental Car Savings

Rental cars are an unsexy part of travel yet for miles and points addicts can be a significant out of pocket cost for a trip with few generous award options.

At Frequent Traveler University in Seattle I briefed the early Sunday audience on rental agencies, portals for big savings, tips and tricks, with a closing section on international renting and driving, see the slides here.

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  • calwatch

    Thanks for the presentation. Yes, most of the crowd was at Advanced Q&A but the strategy presented for scheduling checking rental car prices, as well as Priceline bid tricking, will be useful in the future.

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  • @calwatch – yep, hard to bring people from the Gary & Ben show performing all weekend, heck, I wished I could attend as well. Glad you got some use of it.

  • Mr. Cool

    very useful. thanks

  • @Stefan: Nice presentation!. Do you have any recommendation for renting a car in Cancun? Would using the United Airlines Visa card good enough for primary coverage?

  • @murtuza – check the AA website, they seem to price the agencies best for Mexico, also can try the portals, Cancun Airport should be on at least some of them. Any card with CDW will cover international unless excluded since your own home country insurance won’t typically cover international. Regardless of credit card you must buy mandatory liability insurance in Mexico from the agency, which may or may not be in the quote so make sure you are comparing like for like in prices.

  • @Stefan – Thanks. When you say Mandatory liability insurance do you mean Personal Liability Insurance (PLI) which seems to be $12.95 per day?

  • @murtuza – yes, that is it, required in Mexico and Central America.

  • @Stefan — Thanks.

  • mr. cool

    @Rapid Travel Chai
    in your opinion, whats the best (cheapest) portal for finding one-way rentals in europe please? (BUD-VIE-PRG)

  • @mr. cool – have not found any good ways around Europe one-ways, most portals won’t price it, maybe try some of the OTAs to see if you get lucky, AutoEurope, maybe Pricline.

  • Mr. Cool

    thanks! ill check it out
    prices are pretty high

  • Kumar

    Superb compilation. Well researched and presented.