United Club 4 Passes Giveaway

Fall tidying turned up 4 United Club one-time passes that expire 11/30/13.

I finished my 1K challenge and have no desire to fly United again this year, and certainly not my wife, so I want the passes to go to readers who can enjoy them, in two sets of two.

I like United Clubs for their coffee/tea takeaway cups.

Please share about an underrated destination in a comment on this post by Wednesday, November 13 at 23:59 EST. Two potential winners of 2 passes each will be selected at random and notified by email on Thursday, November 14 and posted here. A valid email address in the comment form is required to notify the potential winner who must respond to accept by Friday, November 15 at 23:59 EST. With tight timing I want to get those out as fast as possible. Available to US entrants/addresses only.


And the luck of the draw goes to:

#6 AM who recommends Muscat, Oman.

United Club Passes 11Nov13 A


#13 Vinay, who recommends Charlotte, North Carolina.

United Club Passes 11Nov13 B

We all got some great destinations ideas, lots added to my list.

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  • The research triangle of NC. Lots to do and enjoy, yet a fairly laid back pace

  • George

    Portugal is my choice for sure

  • ed

    Detroit. There still some serious bbq out there …

  • Josh

    George said portugal, and I am going there for the first time soon, so I’ll go with that answer! I hope its great!

  • Kate Hohman

    Cape Elizabeth, ME welcoming, quiet, and beautiful.

  • AM

    Muscat, Oman!

  • Chris

    Lebanon, fascinating part of the world in the mixing arab countries and europe

  • Xavier

    My choice: Romania

  • Enrico

    (Island of) Roatan, Honduras

  • Melanie

    I have to agree with Mowogo…Research Triangle Park (RTP), NC for sure. Dorothy said it best…”There’s no place like home!” =)

  • Alison

    I love visiting ORD (Chicago) where the people are friendly and the United Club is big !! 🙂

  • Karenc

    Memphis. Great BBQ and music on Beale street. Have a united flight Wednesday iah to LGA for 8 days..could use!

  • Vinay

    Charlotte, nc

  • Erndog

    New Jersey. Seriously.

  • Nick F

    Peru. The food, the culture, the geography, the people are all amazing. Yes, it has earned plenty of praise lately, but it is still underrated in my mind.

  • Rick

    Strasbourg/Colmar – beautiful destination off the radar for most visitors to France

  • Huy

    Ft. Meyers/Bonita Springs, Florida. It’s such a beautiful town and the fact that it is almost dead empty every season except winter (when snowbirds come in) makes it so relaxing. With beautiful empty beaches and amazing fishing this has to be one of the greatest places to escape a hectic daily life and soak up the sun.

  • Enoch

    Pittsburgh—a city that stands as a testament of transformation and build around its beautiful bridges.

  • Angela

    Flying out to Japan on Nov 20th, will be visiting the quaint, little-known town of Kawagoe which definitely looks underrated to me. Could definitely make use of these Club passes on this trip 🙂

  • Bogota Colombia would definitely make my list. Colombia as a whole still carries its historic baggage of a dangerous, crime-filled country, but many urban parts of the country are much safer than it was a decade ago.

  • Chris

    Valencia Spain, more paella and fewer tourists than Barcelona.

  • CycloneHog

    Hilton Head Island

  • Marc m

    Madison, WI. Great beer, great food, 2 amazing lakes, bike friendly, close to Chicago and Mil, great college town all the way around

  • Christopher G

    Portland. Great beer, friendly people. Couldn’t ask for more.

  • Sophia

    Seoul, Korea

  • Anthony

    Atlanta during Restaurant Week

  • Tuan

    You never hear a lot about Philadelphia, but I think it is a great little city mixing historical charm and modern chic.

  • SJ

    Seoul, Korea. Great culture/food/people.

  • Charlie

    The entire country of Slovenia is an underrated destination in Europe. Lake Bled is stunningly beautiful, Ljubljana (the Capital) is a small, easy to navigate and fun city for walking and exploring and the Triglav National Park is great for a variety of outdoor advenures.

  • Jonathan T

    Medford OR, which serves nearby town Ashland. Lots of Shakespearean plays, good vegetarian food and activities.

  • Mike

    Manila! Great people. Great jumping off point to other parts of the Philippines.

  • Haha. I love the Detroit answer. But I’m gonna go with Portland. Great place to visit. Beer, outdoor trails, food, definitely a gem of the PNW!

  • BothofUs2

    Seattle, Washington – people think it’s always raining, but it isn’t. Friendly people, good food, beautiful scenery!

  • Numbersdude

    I agree with Christopher G., Portland is great and underrated for it’s cuisine. Surf or Turf, Beer, Wine or Cocktails. It’s all good!!

  • Sy Ochoa

    I think one of the underrated destination is Reno, Nevada. It a small size Vegas with lots to do and have a great time.

  • Omaha for its steaks.

  • Rich C

    Reno Nv- old school gambling!

  • derick

    the big island of hawaii, its got sun, surf, and snow all in 1 place

  • Yana

    Peru – Amazon basin, Cusco, incomparable Maccu Piccu…

  • Dan R

    Panama City Beach, FL…part of the Redneck Riviera

  • iaN Y

    Chapel Hill, NC. Beautiful four seasons(without hardly any snow most of the time), great place for a quiet vacationing- awesome golf courses, beautiful country/farm sceneries, etc. Also very close to a major city (Raleigh)

  • Diego

    Leon, Nicaragua! Definitely a jewel.

  • Ben

    Portland, Oregon! Great people, great vibe, and a fantastic soccer team.

  • Matt

    Portland, OR. Very walkable city, great light rail system and the doughnuts.

  • Hasse

    MileageRun first time ever in November to secure status for 2014 on United

  • Kenneth D

    I would vote for Cambodia

  • Jennifer

    Copper Mountain Colorado…great skiing and usually overlooked for its neighbors

  • Benoit Glorieux

    James Bay, QC, Canada

  • Prateek Jain

    Kerala, India. Its lush green and calm backwaters are definitely way too underrated.

  • flyer708

    Lisbon! It’s so under-rated, and I hope it stays that way! Otherwise, the beautiful streets of Alfama and the lovely scenes of Sintra will never be the same.

  • David

    Ulan-ude has the largest Lenin bust in the world. While most visitors to the region visit Irkutsk and Olshan Island, U-U is also worth a visit. It also offers great access to thermal springs.

  • Aisha

    Watkins glen, NY., for its natural beauty

  • Justin F

    Vancouver, WA is a nice spot!

  • Joseph M

    Brooklyn, NY.

    Great Restaurants, Art, Culture, Museums, Historic sights, Beaches. Wonderful Ethnic neighborhoods, Great transportation system and airport access.

    Home of the Brooklyn Nets basketball.

    If it wasn’t next to Manhattan this city of 3 million would be one of the top destinations in this country and not a tourist afterthought.

  • Emman

    Hopefully could use them when i go to Osaka!

  • Tommy S.

    Myanmar is a gem. Think unspoiled Thailand.

  • Varun


  • corinne thompson

    Delray beach florida…..also voted a Americas most fun small town.Also known as South Beach for the over 50 crowd.I kid you not ,this place is very cool!!

  • Aaron

    I would have to say that Lisbon is under rated.

  • P K


  • greggers

    The experience of visiting the redwoods in CA.

  • Joe

    Point Reyes National Seashore outside SF – beautiful excuse for a drive.

  • Fall River, MA is awesome and underrated. 🙂

  • Jon

    Asheville, North Carolina!

  • Steven

    New Zealand, especially the South Island. Very friendly people, beautiful scenery, wonderful quaint towns.