How to Book Rental Cars for Less Presentation from FTU

Here are the slides from How to Book Rental Cars for Less that Daraius from Million Mile Secrets and I did at Frequent Traveler University:

There are so many ways to save on rental cars, we focused on strategies with high payback and little investment in time. We have all spent hours just to save a few dollars and try to be smart about how we book rental cars.

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  • Wow, how’d you guys cover this topic without mentioning Autoslash? They’ll still track reservations made on supplier sites, and can rebook you on them as well. Did I just miss it from the slides?

  • Steeler59

    Great lecture! Thank you for all the valuable information.
    During the question and answers there was a discussion I had difficulty hearing. It revolved around timing your rental to get the best deals. Something about when to make reservation versus when you actually pick up the rental. Can you share more details?

  • @David – with limited time we put AutoSlash and a few more, like Car Rental Savers, on the others slide and discussed them with the group since there was not time to cover all in-depth. Daraius has a post in his rental car series on AutoSlash, neither of us have used it much to expand on the mixed reports from his readers. Some love it, some have reported getting rebooked with corporate codes for which they were ineligible and other issues, so it is something to be sure you are well informed about how it works.

    @Steeler59 – one of audience talked about her business trips where Monday morning, even 1 am can trigger a much higher rate than, say, Sunday at 11:00 pm, so she always books on those trips pre-midnight even if her flight will not get in until later. Usually the agencies give her the original rate. Stretching till say 6 or 7 am is less likely to succeed unless you can prove a flight delay. So if you see you are getting really high rates, it can be useful to adjust times by a few hours to see if that helps.

  • puck

    Great presentation. Beside basic strategy of getting a good rate, best take home lesson was,If you have a decent rate, Don’t waste hours trying to find the “best rate” to save a dollar or two per day.

  • @puck – thanks for attending, we appreciate it.

  • Steeler59

    @david. Many thanks for repeating the info. Are there any similar tricks if you are arriving midweek, say Wednesday or Thursday and staying through Sunday or Monday?
    Very grateful!

  • @Steeler59 – each market is different and each agency will price their times differently so it is trial and error. Business-heavy markets will be expensive midweek. If you are staying over on a Saturday, there are often weekend coupons that can help, for instance right now Costco with Budget and BJ’s with Hertz have coupons for 1 free day on a minimum 3-day weekend with required Saturday overnight.

  • David Lau

    Thanks for the information and I would use in future!

  • Joe Stevens

    Hi. I was interested in seeing the slides for this presentation. How did I get to see the slides? Thanks.

  • @Joe Stevens – if the slides are not showing for you in this post, you can also view theme here on Slideshare.