Where to Chill or Sleep in Chicago O’Hare

I have been passing through Chicago O’Hare lately. It is not on my list of favorites. The dense crowds make it exceedingly difficult to quickly and pleasantly navigate, particularly in the low-ceilinged, narrow halls of Terminal 2.

Terminal 2 however has a hall of calm where it is possible to relax and even sleep, away from the crowds, announcements and popcorn vendors. It serves as a connecter between concourses E and F roughly between the Delta Sky Club in E and the United Club in F. There is a separate connector earlier in the terminal but is less quiet and with less seating.

ORD Rest Hall

With the mobs in the airline clubs, this may be the most restful place in ORD.

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  • This was a little known secret and recently it’s exploded with people. An even better place to sleep: The door in this hallway that leads to more hallway and chairs. Complete silence.

  • @Bruce – thanks for tip, a door seems so exclusive, a club for those in the know not those with the cash. 😉 I have recently started dabbling with UA, prior to that I had determinedly avoided ORD nearly all my life.

  • Alex (@NoviceFlyer)

    For some funny reason, all of my recent flights have been through ORD too lol. 🙂 I was able to snag a cheap club pass on ebay for $9. came in very handy lol 🙂

  • Brandon

    If sleeping in an airport terminal, how big is the risk of someone stealing your luggage? Also, is there a bigger risk of that if sleeping in a terminal inside security or outside security?

  • @Brandon – there is a risk anywhere and it is a difficult call, especially when alone. If I just have my backup I put the straps around myself and hold it like a baby to try to reduce risk. I would suppose that there might be less risk inside security but I would not let that lull me into a false sense of security.

  • I know that you’re not a Delta guy anymore, but if you do want a place to get some peace in Minneapolis, I did a post on this earlier this year. http://flyingconsultant.com/2013/07/11/secret-quiet-spaces-in-the-minneapolis-airport/

  • @Aaron Hurd – ah, home sweet MSP. My United flirtation for the year will end tomorrow when I finish my 1K challenge. More valuable points not worth the UA experience. Finally had a power outlet today on EWR-IAH but both were broken.

  • Are you going to be going back to Delta or joining me on the dAArkside?

  • @Aaron Hurd – AA’s route network and partners don’t really work for my travel patterns, personal or business, as well as SkyTeam or Star. When I need something short I can use some Avios, and from NYC AA is as weak at EWR as DL so again I go back to DL.

  • Well, enjoy Delta again. :-/ Connecting sucks, but the service I’ve gotten from AA is amazing and the SWUs are a huge perk. (Also… combineable, transferable denied boarding vouchers! Huzzah!)

    Also, I’m giving your post a shout out in my blog this Friday.

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