Chai Digest: $18 Million for a Credit Report Error, Shanghai Scams, and more

Rock and Rock Roadtrips with Robert Reid on the Rick Steves Radio Show.

A video tour of the ‘Tower of David,’ Venezuela’s infamous skyscraper-turned-slum (Washington Post).

Pangea with political boundaries (FlowingData).

Mom Wants You Married? So Does the State [in South Korea] (NYT).

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  • Shannon

    maybe a little bit too much blog sphere articles in this issue which readers might read already during the week…better to have more “out of network” articles with your comments?

  • @Shannon – thanks for the note. I haven’t been doing My Week in Points this summer, I found I was doing too little miles and points to be of any interest, so many people are so much more hardcore than me, so I had this stack of blog posts I found really useful and no home for them. This goes back to the debate about readers who don’t follow a bunch of blogs vs readers who do, hard to strike a balance for all their needs.