July 4th Swag Mystery Box Giveaway

In the spirit of US commercialism on July 4, I am giving away a mystery box of travel swag I have received on trips and at events. All are pieces slathered with corporate logos. Maybe you’ll receive something you like.

Box contains 4 items, estimated retail value $30.

Please share something about travel swag you have received, with a comment on this post by Sunday, July 07 at 23:59 EDT. One potential winner will be  selected at random and notified by email by Monday, July 08 at 23:59 EDT and posted here. A valid email address in the comment form is required to notify the potential winner who must respond to accept by Monday, July 15 at 23:59 EDT. Available to US entrants/addresses only.


And the winner is #55, Jason, who wrote “BLUE chips on jetblue :) Once I forgot to bring my headphones, and they kindly gave me one for free. That was nice.”

Mystery Box 04Jul13

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  • joel a.

    Drink coupons for flights are always good.

  • Rui N.

    Booze! 😉
    Happy 4th of July!

  • Marc W

    I am a sucker for eye masks

  • k m p

    A really well made and hand finished wooden shoe horn and lint brush set (with no corporate logos)!

  • David

    I end up with lots of pads and pens from hotels and conventions, but I think the oddest piece of swag was a monitor lint brush from Commerce Bank (now TD Bank).

  • Not sure if this counts, but I like to keep my hotel keys from all the hotels I visit.

  • Sy Ochoa

    I have received USB drives branded from hotels

  • Lucia Ochoa

    I got a cool t-shirt from aloft hotels

  • Sharon Jones

    I’ve gotten a few SW drink coupons….otherwise, no travel swag. That’s why I’d like to win the July 4th mystery box.

  • My favorite piece of travel swag I received was a Rimowa amenity case from SMD4. Unfortunately it was destroyed when my apartment burned

  • Paul

    Wine. No doubt getting off of a TWA flight to Austin with an unopened bottle from the galley was a great end to the trip!

  • Caleb B

    Other than toiletries that always seem to be forgotten afterwards, I don’t believe I’ve gotten any travel swag.

  • phil gold

    Last week delta lost my luggage and i had been on road for a week already, so they gave me a delta tshirt for night Lol, not equal to my bags, but helped.


  • Globus1

    “Postcards” from some of the hotels, and some rather nice amenity kits from airlines when flights have been cancelled and/or luggage has been lost.

  • Michael H.(oldfox)

    Always have gotten a few drink coupons……. not bad travel swag,,,,, but, there are only so many drinks I can handle on long international flights ! The mystery box sounds great.

  • Ben

    Never received travel swag before but would live to start my collection.

  • dave golden

    Southwest drink coupons!

  • Josh F

    I usually wind up with some business stuff (polos, mugs, etc) when meeting with clients…

  • Jeannie Brust


  • Kevin

    A bottle of wine from the flight attendent after I helped her to translate for a group of Chinese passengers.

  • I like to keep Starbucks mugs from the cities that I visit (expensive swag but high quality).

    I also keep the slippers although the Marriott ones are too small!

  • Igor

    Multiple pairs of United head phones

  • SF

    Drink Coupons, Luggage Tags, little things like that … would love to win a mystery box!

  • Sanjeev M

    I love to keep hotel keys and boarding passes. Also travel pens and ticket jackets are fun too.

  • Eddy

    I used to work at an OTA and would occasionally receive pens, notepads, beach balls, etc branded with the respective hotel’s logos.

  • gluedtothewindow

    Free plastic Emirates bag tags from check-in counter

  • jonathan

    I got the cutest travel plane from korean air that made the cutest lil girl happy when I gave it to her. I think travel swag is suppose to be more of simply enjoyments

  • Zoe

    The world’s most comfortable pj’s. Thanks, Lufthansa. 🙂

  • Tom W

    I haven’t really gotten much in the way of “travel swag”. But I will soon get my metal cow tags from Delta….does that count. At the Raleigh NC airport I got a toy plane with the rdu logo on it for my kids

  • A bit of tasty swag is the KLM Delft houses you get when flying business.

  • charles alan satterwhite

    I love the maps I get weather its a map of a little island like little corn, Nica or a Eurail map from my college days. I just feel like I’m holding so much knowledge in my hands!

  • Kaye

    I like airline amenity kits.

  • DJ

    the solar powered dancing maiko solar from JAL keeps dancing forever.

  • MJM

    Decks of cards from the airline. A long time ago but I still have them.

  • Spencer F

    The little gold wings they gave to me as a kid on my first flight many years ago

  • Suzy

    Toiletry kits and pajamas.

  • Joeheg

    The bag of Renaissance era Mickey Mouse themed bathroom amenities at the Hotel Miracosta at Tokyo Disneyland was kinda cool.

  • The best travel swag I ever got was an inflatable Alaska Air hat.

  • Betty Ann

    We were the first Disney Vacation Club owners to check in to Disney’s Vero Beach resort the day it opened. We received a commemorative coin, beach towels, and a $100 resort credit.

  • Dan

    One time I received a money clip from Eva Air.

  • Rich C

    Hertz rent a car key chain bottle opener.

  • Kim Z

    I had to really search my memory, but I got a drawstring bag from a Hyatt Place that I stayed at last year that I use to carry recharge cables.

  • Carl P

    Small Inauguration commemorative chocolate bars and keychain lights (Country Inn around DC area).

  • Srini

    Drink coupons at Holiday Inn

  • heather

    eye sleep mask from United

  • kodoma

    I have a penchant for Delta blankets. We are always using them! Best swag was a nice leather notebook from a conference

  • James

    I’ve received several lounge passes which I am using tomorrow on an MR SNA-ATL-SNA.

  • Donn

    Business class travel kits.

  • Sarah C

    Through a Twitter promotion, I received a duffle bag from National car rental and a laser pointer!

  • Mary Elizabeth

    mostly the normal odds and ends, but love the basics like good shampoos and conditioners…

  • FlyFlyer

    At the last FTU, I received a very handy ITA luggage tag which I use all the time. Thanks ITA!

  • Jordan

    Playing cards from casinos and pens from hotels. I can fondly look back on the trips when I use them later!

  • Justin

    I am a sucker for small doc kits and bags to avoid the TSA zip lock mafia

  • Natalie

    I’ve got some nice luggage tags!

  • Jason

    BLUE chips on jetblue 🙂
    Once I forgot to bring my headphones, and they kindly gave me one for free. That was nice.

  • glen

    Delta Airlines blankets.

  • Wendy

    I have my Jr. Pilot wings from my first flight in 1968 on Continental Airlines.

  • Silvia P

    Pens and notepads.

  • SC

    Travel Kits

  • Ryan K

    The gold wings given to me as a child flyer!

  • ajm

    postcards of the property…………

  • Andrew C

    amenity kits, I guess – the little cases are useful for storing things now and then

  • flyer708

    I love the packing, especially those rimowa kits from LH.
    Happy 4th of july!

  • Leon


  • Amy

    Not sure this counts, but from the Travel and Adventure show every year I pick up free used playing cards given away by casinos that have booths there. I don’t gamble or even play cards so I’ve used them for white elephant gifts. (Unlike 3/4 of the bag tags and other random junk I pick up there and then sits in my house until I throw it all away before the next year’s show.)

  • ed

    tooth brush.

  • Anne

    Don’t think of this as “swag” per se, but I bring home soap from every hotel from every trip. Since I have been traveling for work the last 15 yrs, we have not purchased a bar of soap and end up giving half of it to my in-laws (who haven’t had to purchase any for 15 yrs either. Silly, I know….as if soap really costs that much. It’s just a game/habit/???

  • Marc m

    I received an inflatable pillow from an airline in the Philippines. The winner was decided by a bingo like game based on your seat!

  • Ivan

    The delft houses from klm were my favorite!

  • Jon

    A luggage tag, so I know that the blue rolling luggage is mine and not the other guy’s. A pox on his luggage!

  • Frank G.

    Best item was clear, reusable zippered 1 liter pouch from SAS – perfect for the liquids for putting in the bin at TSA security. They don’t give those out anymore, but was very practical.

  • Biggles209

    A nice pair of Continental 787 posters

  • Mark R.

    Best swag – a Kryptonium Medallion tag!

  • Rich esposito

    Anything with a name on it ! I’m a walking traveling billboard!!!

  • MeganG

    My most treasured pieces of airline swag are a tea or coffee cup from each airline I’ve flown.

  • Erin

    Slippers to wear on the plane!

  • Rita

    My husband received a Skyteam t-shirt along with an amenity kit several years ago when he got stranded at ATL. Ever since then, I’ve been wanting t-shirts from all 3 major alliances. Maybe only a nerd like me would care 😉

  • Clare N

    Unfortunately I’m very skimpy on airline swag since I generally fly economy class, but I sure would like some!

  • flyer708

    First class amenity kits!

  • dwh

    I always like upgrades!

  • Ari k

    Free barf bags…or car trash bags 🙂

  • David

    I love the delta shoe shine in the business class amenities bag!

  • jamie

    When we flew from man-ord on bmi (rip), they were so nice and the flight was so pleasant (in coach) and they gave our daughter a little amenity kit with a miniature board game, a squishy toy airplane and some other fun stuff. That will always be top of my list. Unfortunately for AA, it’s also the standard to which I compare their crappy man-ord flight. bleh 🙁

  • jamie

    haha, oops, I just realized i missed the deadline. Well, I don’t really need anymore swag anyway. 🙂