Saudia Business and Economy Amenity Kits Giveaway

Saudia amenity kits anyone?

Leave a comment to this post with the Saudia destination you most want to visit and why. Consult their route map or the destinations Wikipedia page.

Saudia Amenity Kit Busines

Saudia Business Class Amenity Kits

Saudia Amenity Kit Economy

Saudia Economy Class Amenity Kit

Enter by Thursday, June 20 at 23:59 EDT, one entry per person, include a valid email address in your comment, shipping to US addresses only. First winner will receive the business class amenity kit, second the economy class amenity kit. Note that the business class amenity kit pictured above shows a full amenity kit and contents, and also an additional style for the bag. The winner will receive one amenity kit, not the second bag.


The winner of the business class amenity kit is #25, Truthiness, who wrote: Dubai.

Saudi Business Kit 19June13

The winner of the economy class amenity kit is #9, Tproc, who wrote: Definitely Singapore. So, I can fly their first on my way back to the States or China like this one. He has a great sense of humor, like in that trip report, “This guy looks well-educated. But obviously, he cannot read. He was standing at the First Class & Business Class lane with an economy boarding pass.”

Saudi Economy Kit 19June13

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  • David
  • Joey

    Riyadh just to stay at the Four Seasons Riyadh!

  • I want to go to Dubai to see the tallest building in the world.

  • Miguel

    Amsterdam, for the bicycles 😉

  • Eddy C.

    Cairo, Egypt to see the pyramids in person.

  • dginchelsea

    Muscat – to go dune crashing in Oman.

  • marc m

    Doha, Qatar for the world cup in 2022!

  • Wis

    ryad to visit friends

  • Definitely Singapore. So, I can fly their first on my way back to the States or China like this one:

  • Paul

    Dubai, tallest building.

  • Chris K

    “Doha, Qatar for the world cup in 2022!”

    I second that!

  • Egypt, for sure. To ride a camel.

  • Sanjeev M

    Washington – to go home

  • Paul

    Egypt Pyramids

  • SC

    Dhaka — To go Home.

  • Jim

    Lucknow, India…. Because having LUCK is good NOW and always 🙂

  • Atif

    Jakarta would be cool…I’ve never been there and would be the longest trip on SV for me if I start in NYC!

  • Pablo Z


  • andrey

    impressive and fancy

  • David

    Sorry forgot to include the message:

    Visit singapore for the warm weather and great chinese food!

  • naif

    Riyadh…definitely alot to see there

  • Jim

    Riyadh- why not? Sounds fun

  • Embla

    I’d like to fly Saudia to go to Jeddah! … if only getting a visa were easy 🙂

  • Ari k.

    With a name like Ari, I doubt I’d chance trying to go anywhere on Saudia. Not interested in the questions I’d get to answer in Riyadh.

  • Truthiness


  • Jamie

    Dubai for tea at Burj al Arab.

  • Joel

    Amman, Jordan for Petra

  • Laurel

    Hello Stefan, my Saudia choice is Mecca! Alas, I’ll never be allowed to go 🙁

  • Anthony C

    Dubai because it is awesome.

  • Diego G

    I’d like to fly to Jeddah one day.

  • Andy F.

    Cairo, for the pyramids!

  • Jared

    Egypt to see the pyramids.

  • Would love to visit Riyadh and see the view from the top of the Kingdom Centre!

  • Michael H.(oldfox)

    Egypt ….. think it would be great to see pyramids and the famous Egyptian Museum.

  • tiffany l

    egypt for the pyramids!

  • James M

    Jeddah. To see the history in the area.

  • Aptraveler

    Jeddah for sure, to see the architecture!

  • Carlo

    I would love to visit Dubai, of course but also Riyadh if I ever get a Saudi visa! 🙂

  • Nick O

    Delhi, India. I’d love to visit India and I think this would be a good place to start

  • John P

    I’d like to go back to NBO, Nairobi Kenya, went 2 years ago on a Kenyan Airways flight.