Yes, I Have Chase Ink Offers Too – Considering Supporting Rapid Travel Chai

[This offer expired June 25, 2013]

Chase is promoting National Small Business Week with increased offers on its business Ink lineup of cards.

I am no fan of the often valueless, derivative hyping of credit cards to gain referral commissions. I have learned, though, that in the internet world you have to speak up to receive, so if you are in the market for the Ink cards during this weeklong promotion, June 16-22, please consider supporting Rapid Travel Chai by using these offers, which are the best publicly available and best offers in some time.

The uses of the Ink cards are widely documented, from their flexible Ultimate Rewards program with numerous airline and hotel transfer partners, to lucrative category spend bonuses, to no foreign transaction fees, and many more

Note: currently there is a technical error with my Ink Plus link that the application is loading Ink Bold, I will resolve as soon as possible. Others seem to be having the same issue. All applications appear to be working.

Disclaimer: I receive referral commission for all cards mentioned in this post except the Ink Classic. Thank you for your support.

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  • Jake from MSP

    You’ve got my Bold application for this week

  • @Jake from MSP – thank you!

  • Raj

    Like the honesty to say it what it is. Will give you few referrals. I am not applying, but manage the apps of friends and family who will apply using the link I provide.

  • @Raj – thank you as well, I appreciate it. I have been hesitant to actively promote these because of the bombardment from so many other bloggers.

  • jim

    unfortunately many bloggers only care about their commissions and tells you steps for perks abuse, advices to open too many accounts that results on closures and blacklists

  • Stefan, if I didn’t already have the card, I’d use our link this time around

    hope to See you soon


  • Thomas

    Thank you so much for not going the easy route and full blown peddling credit cards. While I won’t apply for these, I will make sure to use your links in the future.

  • Pamela T

    I was hoping that you might post a link. Once the error is resolved I’ll be using the link.

  • Kudos! Best way is by being up front

  • It’s like a feeding frenzy on boarding area with all the ink links.

  • Acker

    Darn. I’m not in a position to apply as my next churn won’t be ’til late July and I’ve had both cards but I appreciate your honesty and would use your link in a heartbeat if I could. Love your blog.

  • Nadine

    I just applied (and was approved) using your link. Thanks for being above board – appreciate it and your blog.

  • I’m getting an error message with your Ink Bold app.

  • Hmmm… looks like all the Ink Bold apps are screwed up right now, not just yours.

  • @Nick – it looks like both the Bold and the Plus are fixed as of now. Pretty much everyone is using the same provider and I think they are all enjoying their weekend.

  • Thank you all for the kind comments, and I jut had an on-time, actually early, AA flight, what a day!

  • @Acker – I would not change a regular churn plan for this. These are nice offers but need to be kept in perspective, an extra 10k is nice but is not enough for me to up-end plans. I got both cards last December when they fit into my schedule. I am actually due for some applications at the end of June, I skipped March, and rather than try to get these for a second business I am curious to see if the Fairmont offer with first year no annual fee hangs around. And I still have never gotten the Chase Sapphire Preferred, maybe a 10-part series on that? 😉

  • @Nadine – thank you so much.

  • @Grant – I have been quite conflicted about putting out posts on these, I am a blog reader, too, and much of the hyping and repetition I do not like. I did realize that since I have passively put on the links many that might support have no idea that I have them. In prior cases I have not hyped offers that I did not think were good, in this case these are cards that I think are good, I personally have, and are the best offers going. I hope that is reasonable.

  • RP

    Approved for Ink Bold Plus!! Good news. Thanks.

  • RP

    sorry its Ink Plus.

  • @RP – great news and thank you.

  • andreas

    unless you do a 10 part series, I won’t use your links :P, just kidding. I have the Ink but you will get my click for barclays when I apply.

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