“You Are Damn Lucky,” the Mrs says as she rolls up at JFK

I flew in to NY from Shanghai and made my way to the JFK AirTrain Terminal 1 station.

The Mrs alighted with her tiny luggage, smaller than my briefcase, for our 5-day trip to Saudi Arabia and Dubai.


I have no idea how she packs so light, but when she said, “You are damn lucky,” I had to unequivocally agree.

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  • EagerTraveler

    Check and Mate!

  • You are. I pack light, but I think your wife beats me.

  • She’s a keeper! Her and I would travel well together. I can do 3 weeks in a carryon like hers. 🙂

  • P T

    She probably wears a size 2. Those clothes don’t take up much room. Plus, I thought you said she’d be wearing a burka. She can wear the same thing under that for 5 days!!

  • reeder

    I’d love to see her toiletries. My 311 bag is usually pretty full. Add in my dry goods (toothbrush, hair brush, lint roller, & etc) and they take up almost as much space as my clothes.

  • @PT – she is tiny and at packing times I envy the size of her shoes. The abaya helps for 2 of the days, I suppose don’t need to wear anything under it if so inclined, 2 days in Dubai she will be back in civilian wear.

    @reeder – she uses a bag from one of those cosmetics gift with purchases, not much bigger than an airline amenity kit, she always seems to find little samples she can use on trips.

  • In many, many ways. 🙂

  • Joey

    you are lucky indeed! HAve a great time in KSA! Looking forward to read more about it since I wanted to visit back in 2009 when my friend was working there but alas it was almost impossible to get a tourist visa unless you go on one of those expensive tours (at the time I wasn’t sure how to go about applying for a transit visa since the KSA embassy normally asks a ton of questions…)

  • Mateo

    I travel domestic weekly and international monthly. Between computer, cords, toiletries and clothes, I fail big time with the art of packing. Show us your secrets!!!

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