2 guesses which country had the most domineering NYT Travel Show pavilion?

China or Russia? Only those two have the pride, determination and the resources to spend in every possible venue of competition.

China’s pavilion at the NYT Travel Show was no slouch, locked in its own rivalry with elaborate, sprawling Taiwan.

Russia, though, was competing only with the climbing wall, nearly 3 times the height of standard booths, glowering over its Baltic neighbors in the Europe aisle.

Russia pavilion at the NYT Travel Show 2013

For months there have been attractive fares to Russia, on Delta in particular, from numerous US cities. I would love to visit more, I have only been in the Russian Far East and Siberia, if only long-debated visa liberalization would occur. Looks like that may have to wait till the post-Putin era, which may be a looooong wait.

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  • Not a single Brazilian booth? 😉

  • PedroNY

    Sochi in 2014, could be fun to make a bigger trip out of it.

  • @PedroNY – Georgia is one of my favoritie countries, if Sochi is anything like that, I am in, and will be nice to have the temporary visa relaxation.

  • @Fábio Vilela – I did not notice Brazil, odd since they are usually the life of every party. In the South America row, Ecuador dominated the entrance to the entire show with a gigantic booth.

  • Kenya Safari

    Temporary visa relaxation a great idea.