Wicked Spoon – best Las Vegas buffet?

Las Vegas buffets start strong, get popular, fade away.

Last year I had a seafood-hunting Las Vegas buffet tour with the Mrs, this trip I was solo and she said Wicked Spoon at the Cosmopolitan is buffet of the moment.

On a non-client evening I did not need a huge meal, but blog research beckoned. Wicked spoon did not disappoint.

The food selection is not A to Z like many places, they instead focus on well-prepared individual servings, from fried chicken in mini frying baskets to beef tongue shephard’s pie in metal pans. There are interesting touches including bone marrow at the carving station.

The desserts are the coup de grace of attempts at restraint.

I put it up there with Wynn’s The Buffet as my favorites.

Readers, your take?








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  • Matthew

    You neglected to mention the price….

  • Jimmy Y.

    Supposedly, the Bachannal Buffet at Caesars is the best one on the Strip.

    If you have the time, I recommend going to Sushi House Goyemon on S. Decatur Blvd. They have a fantastic AYCE menu and the pork belly is fantastic.

  • Antonio

    I like wicked spoon as one of my favorites. Wynn is good also. I found bacchanal overrated and not that great.

  • @Matthew – sorry, Sun-Thu dinner is $37+tax, so one of the higher prices around, I neglected to take note of prices at other times.

  • @Jimmy Y. – I think last year we took a look at Bachannal and the Mrs vetoed due to low seafood selection, if I remember correctly, and I am off to my flight so will have to check next time, I may be back next month.


    I like the seafood buffet at Mandalay Bay. Huge selection

  • nikdro

    I had the brunch at the Wicked Spoon and I would highly recommend it.

  • Sean M

    It’s my favorite buffet too.

  • Will

    Not impressed by Wicked Spoon nor Wynn Buffet, especially for the price. I love the M Buffet, very good and great price.

  • Treane

    Wynn had been my favorite (followed by Wicked Spoon). However, the new Bacchanal at Caesars easily surpassed both of them in my opinion. Definitely worth a try (although lines tend to be very long during prime times, so get there early)!

  • @Treane – my Caesar’s experience is out of date, then, I last looked at it last year, this year I passed by for a CES party and indeed the lines were long.

  • @Will – I am not familiar with M, will add it to the list.

    @SCOTT – haven’t been out to Mandalay Bay either, lot’s to do.

  • i second that goyemon place..nice desert too