Which personal flight logger is best?

The PointsHoarder year in review episode linked to the three hosts’ fight logs and each uses a different service:

I have not used any of them, and probably won’t start as then I would want to add historical flights and that would mean many hours wasted fiddling with it.

Flightdiary and FlightMemory present similar information, Flightdiary being more polished. OpenFlights is more spare.

Readers, which do you use and recommend? Show off your maps.

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  • I started out with FlightMemory, but it’s a bit clunky when trying to add a new flight (you have to open a new page) and the maps are not dynamic (zoom in/out). Here’s mine: http://my.flightmemory.com/amolkold

    It’s easy to export out of FM to OpenFlights, which I like because it’s easier to add new flights (same page) and has dynamic maps. You can also look at certain airports and see who all flies from there (and what routes you took). However, it’s tougher to update from a mobile device. My same flights on OF – http://openflights.org/user/amolkold

    I’ve just started using FlightDiary and I like its color-coded map. When entering flights, you SHOULD be able to enter a flight number and have the city pair automatically fill in, but half the time, it’s the wrong city pair (mostly because flight numbers change frequently). My FD is here – http://flightdiary.net/amolkold

    All in all, each excels at one thing but falls short in another.

  • Aeroman380

    I havw used flight memory but just signed up for flight diary as the maps seem better and link to flight tracker.

  • Papa Smurf

    I’ve been using FlightMemory for the last few years (http://my.flightmemory.com/PapaSmurf)

  • matt

    I use openflights. It’s fast and relatively efficient to use, other than a few quirks, and also useful for looking up routes flown out of a given airport etc. It has more or less the same output and filtering options as flightdiary, just with less glitz. It’s also easy to import/export data.

    flightmemory just isn’t that good imo. The filtering options are a bit lacking (can’t see where I can filter out Stephan’s 2012 flights only, for example) and the presentation feels static, and with different things than I want to see.

    I imported my stuff from openflights to flightdiary, but ended up feeling like it was just too slow in the interface, making it a huge pain to use.

    I consider flightdiary a graphically-prettier openflights with similar features and some “modernizations” that are good and bad, but for me overall made slow enough to be a chore to use.

    flightmemory is just outdated and no longer an attractive option.

  • I wish I would have found these earlier. Too many flights, too many trips to track over the last 12-15 yrs. Its a shame I would love to see a map of everywhere Ive been.

  • AJ

    while Flightmemory is not being able to keep up with changes in technology, that is where my log was built and that is where i keep it so far for the simple reason that it will require too much work to tweak it to the taste of the next database: http://my.flightmemory.com/a2a

  • FlightDiary is a bit more flashy with its statistics, but its map feels cluttered.

    I personally use OpenFlights: http://openflights.org/user/FlyerChrisK

  • Melvin

    SkyHops is great if you want a large uncluttered map of your flights. It also has great interactive charts and filters. If you use TripIt it can import all your flights so you don’t have to enter everything manually.

    Here’s an example: http://skyhops.com/map/?t=yxd1Ykwf1V7Cz8vGwvft

  • @Melvin – thanks for the suggestion, the example looks great, I am going to give it a test.

  • Rock Rong

    After several years, Flighdairy.com is the winner!
    It has so fantastic function right now. Just input flight number, every details will be filled automatic. Just need modify some minor mistake.

  • I would recommand you to have a look at log my flight as well. It’s new and definitely worth the try! Here’s a preview of the kind of stats you can get : http://www.logmyflight.net/preview.php