4 more Admirals Club passes to give to readers!

Reader David has offered up 4 of his Admirals Club passes, expiring 12/31/12 to readers in 2 sets of 2!

The Giveaway:

Leave a comment on this post saying the top thing you want to do on the trip for which you will use these passes.

One entry per person. The comment should include a valid email address for verification of winners. Comments must be submitted by Saturday,December 1, 2012 at 23:59 EST. Comments that do not conform to the requirements will be disqualified; those that do not specify 2 passes or 1 will be in the pool for 1. The winners will be selected with the random number generator at random.org, the winning numbers corresponding to comment numbers. The winners will be posted in a subsequent blog post. The winners will need to provide a US mailing address to Rapid Travel Chai to receive the prize (sorry, no non-US addresses). Rapid Travel Chai has no financial relationship with American Airlines.

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  • Iain

    I want a pass so that I can start my trip to Scotland to see my family in style.

  • Alan

    Spend time with my wife on our upcoming trip to my MBA Graduation!

  • Joel

    I will take a shower after sleeping at the airport the night before.

  • franci davidson

    With the passes? I would love to gift 2 of the passes to a dear lady and her husband who could use the stop in the Admirals Club at DFW to relax while traveling from their home in Oklahoma to Houston…. to the MD Anderson Cancer Clinic. Jenny is a young mom who is battling one of life’s worst enemies. That is what I would do if I won!

  • emmygofly

    I will use these passes on a trip to hawaii, where I am looking forward to finally staying at the Moana Surfrider (I love the history of the building)

  • Pointasaurus

    Get a bit of work done while on the way to Big Sky Montana for our annual ski trip!!!

  • Going to my sister’s wedding in the FL Keys and what better way to get the celebration started 🙂

  • Duc

    I will use this pass next time I am at my local airport
    Thank you so much

  • Matt

    Always wanted to go to Europe. These passes would make the trip even better.

  • Kalpesh

    I want to use the club passed at ORD.

  • JB

    Good looking out, David!

  • Ryan

    Would like to see if it’s any better than a United club!

  • Ryan K

    Spend time with my gf in sunny san diego!

  • Alon

    see my sister get married 🙂

  • @JB – you’ve started a snowball!

  • Sharon

    We hope to go on a voodoo cemetery tour on our trip to New Orleans in a few weeks!

  • Jeff Hickman

    Make a pilgrimage to Anchor Brewery in SF and go on the tour!

  • Timothy

    This is very generous, I will use it so my GF can have lounge access during the holidays!

  • brian

    would love to lounge with my wife in dallas as we head to paris (on dec 4th!)

  • I would gift them to a close friend who flies on AA a considerable amount but does not have lounge access.

  • David

    need 3 pass but 2 would be great so I can show my wife why I do all these travelling and enjoy it. leaving for hawaii next week and would be great to show her the admiral club for free and maybe she might want to start travelling also.

    thanks in advance.

  • Larry

    I’ll use them next week when my wife & I go to Incline Village, NV to celebrate our 24th wedding anniversary.

  • BothofUs2

    Would love to use on an upcoming Vegas trip to relax at before the flight

  • Andrew

    Would love 2 passes for my parents on our upcoming Christmas trip to Hawaii.

  • Lynn W

    Only need one…will use it to gain access and make a cc charge to ensure a $150 Citi statement credit. Trip wise, I am most looking forward to our Beekeeping class followed by honey and wine tasting!

  • David S

    Relax with my wife before traveling home to see family.

  • cudchew

    I want to use the passes in JFK on my way to Paris.

  • Corridor!

    I would really enjoy two passes prior to our flight to London. Free drinks is always a plus. I am looking forward to trying fish and chips with oil!


  • phill gold

    have a quiet place to take my wife and baby to get some food and breath between flights

  • michaelp

    I will use it on my way to go see my family for xmas.

  • Brett

    I have a 10 hour layover in Newark and another in Hong Kong coming up in two weeks.

  • BarefootInHI

    I’ll be traveling on a multi-city itinerary to spread holiday cheer to my family and my fiancé. These 2 Admiral Club passes would be a life-saver during my 3 hour layovers in LAX and DCA. Thank you! =)

  • Jeff

    I would love 2 passes on my trip to Maui. Leave next week ORD-OGG with a layover in LAX. Would be a great way to start the trip.

  • Peter

    I will be on a 6 hour layover in Miami – would love to enjoy the peace and quiet in the Admirals Club there.

    Thanks David!!!

  • Peter

    I will use the pass to visit my mom in LAX.

  • john gu

    use the passes before on board LAX during Christmas!

  • Kevy

    A pass to help me kill time during my mileage run, why not? It’s always appreciated. ’tis the season!

  • DC Terr

    I would the passes for my 3 hr layover in LAX on the way to HNL!

  • R Gage

    I’ll use the club passes in Chicago.

  • Fred

    I would like to use two passes to travel with my sweetheart in comfort.

  • yim

    I have never been to a lounge and will be m first time.

  • I would like them for my sf trip!

  • Zahn

    My wife and I are taking our first trip to Europe and I can’t wait to have my first crepe in Paris.

  • Jamie

    I am looking forward to seeing the Eiffel Tower for the first time.

  • Bikar

    Have a 6 hour stop in LAX on the way to see my fiancee. Would really appreciate a pass.

  • Abhishek Duggal

    Experience the SFO club location!

  • I currently reside in Japan and am coming back to SFO for Christmas to see my family. I’ve got a 4-hour wait in SFO’s terminal 2 since my younger brother’s flight doesn’t arrive until 4 hours later. A single AC pass would be great to mitigate that long “layover”.

  • Shiqi

    vacation in Virgin Islands National Park!

  • Julian

    Going to see my girl in Dallas!

  • Steve Turner

    Our daughter is visiting for Christmas …we just moved from Michigan to Phoenix. The flights we were able to afford have horrible layovers…would help to make the travel more pleasant.

    Thank you
    Steve Turner

  • dfw_doc

    Will use the passes on my way to Asia with my wife

  • Sy Ochoa

    I would use the passes on my upcoming trip to San Diego while I wait for my flight

  • Embla

    I’m going to NYC, where I plan to treat my little sister to all the best food spots. 😀

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